400mil to go from 170k to 200k dps (DONE!)

So, got a nice drop on HC (an IK belt) that I converted over to SC gold, and now I'm looking to get some solid upgrades. Most important to me right now is hitting 200k dps. Right now I'm at 170k without scoundrel. I'm also close to being able to drop OWE, Im at about 440ar; two birds with one stone would be nice but if not oh well. Ideas? I know my offhand needs to go...also willing to buy upgrades from you fellas for a fair price.

@Op, I will be following this thread too, since i want to break the 200k dps threshold without sacrificing much survivability.

Thanks for starting this.
Yea, def a new OH weapon upgrade :)
or a nats ring with avg dmg and CD

OR.. a Tal's chest ;)
@Op, I will be following this thread too, since i want to break the 200k dps threshold with sacrificing much survivability.

Thanks for starting this.

For shizzle :)

Also I want your offhand :P how much did you pay?
I literally went from 170 to 206 yesterday spending 500mil so i think you can easily get close.

Gimme a moment to have a good look at your character
I was originally a Cold resist monk but found an awesome Andariel's that boosted my dps by 10k so i thought instead of selling it i'll use it and switch my gear out for Poison resist. You say you want to get away from OWE so this could be a possible item for you to look at.

You could keep trying to craft for a higher crit Necklace but getting such high avg dmg, CD and AR again will be hard.

There is 20-30k dps in an OH weapon easy for 150-200mil

Possibly a better nats ring too.

But i think the OH will be the best bang for buck upgrade followed by and Andariel's if you can find the right one and only if you think you can live without a socketed helm (atm i can)

Hope this helped somewhat
@Ap0c Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm going to pass on an andy's; the fire dmg taken has always bugged me :/. Yea I'm going to keep going on ammys...hopefully I can beat the one I have haha. I've been looking for a new offhand but no good deal yet!

As for a better nats ring; will I miss the loh? All I will have left is ls on one weapon, is that ok for high mp?
Hi OP,

Start with your chest and helm, find one that comes with 60-70 AR or on your helm and get a high vit inna chest.

Your nat's ring avg dmg is rather high, but IAS is not perfect roll, try to get similar avg dmg with IAS 9%, that should give you around 7-8K dps, and this time, find one with vit, if you can afford other offensive stats like CC or CHD, please do so.

Offhand is holding you back at least 8-10K dps, you can easily get one rare sword that will bring you close to 190K without marquise emeralds in weapons. Try to maintain 2.8% life steal on your new offhand.

Try to craft gloves, hopefully you get some vit, res and a trifecta from there.

Lastly, upgrade the gems to radiant emerald on armor and marquise on weapons, some paragon leveling, and you're in the 200K club.
@ReaLDX Hi, thanks for the suggestions! Yea, I definitely need a bit more vit, I'm hoping I can get a nice chunk on shoulders once I craft some more. And yea, I'm waiting on a good nats with high ave dmg and 4+cc to pop up as well as a new offhand. I've seen a lot of nice deals on offhand sword/axes but the ls is always 2.6 or lower -.-

So I just crafted 70ish ammys and got my current one! It was a 7.5k dps upgrade...but I lost the 60ar on my old one..so I'm going to keep crafting haha
Is there any particular reason why I should get a sword over an axe, is the .1 attacks worth the price premium?
Haha, my bad, as long as the weapon is decent, any axe, mace, sword or spear is ok since you're using EF, offhand gets faster as well.
replace nats ring and butchers sickle.
I also have been looking to get to 200k w/o using an echoing so this thread will hopefully help! You can definitely find a nats ring with high avg dmg and crit dmg for around 150-200 mil. Goodluck!
Get you to 204.5k dps by replacing your OH:

Wahoo! Bought a new sword and am up over the 200k mark! Thanks for everyones help, <3 the monk forums :)

The sword was 155mil, so not too bad I think

Now to find a new nats ring to get another 10k dps....
Nat with CD+avg dmg is cheaper than CC. But I believe you need more CC than CD.
You're going to hate that EF paper dps in the long run.

BTW, I have a very decent Nat's for sale if you want it.
You're going to hate that EF paper dps in the long run.

BTW, I have a very decent Nat's for sale if you want it.

Figured I might as well use it considering I found it haha, but I wish it was a higher dps ls one :/

I am very interested, I will be home in about 7 hours and will add you
Request sent, I won't be on very long tonight

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