I'm sitting at 180k dps please help

Demon Hunter
What should my next upgrade be? I don't care about my ehp because i usually have some tanks with me.. Besides im being a glass cannon DH so it really doesn't matter to me. I just want my DPS to increase!

Also How much gold will said piece of equipment(s) cost.

I suggest you start crafting amulets and bracers.
craft bracers, or save for a better weapon. calamity with no socket is extremely meh
manticore will boost your dps a lot
manti/calamity with socket(s)

you will get at least +20k dps with a good manti
Save up fo a new bow; or just wait until the devs let us socket items. ;-)
Haha I'll farm until I become bored AF with the game, then ill see if I have enough for a new wep (I prefer the 1 handed weps) If not ill buy/craft bracers as well as upgrade gems
First priority- upgrade your gems man! At least gem them to the 3rd highest tier cost is not that much.

I also think your boots could be upgraded pretty easily.

And neither of those rings are anything special - should be able to upgrade those for a reasonable price.

that's where I would start unless you can afford to get a new weapon.

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