What kind of budget would I need to run mp5?

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Just came back after a long break. Stopped before monster power came out and all that stuff. Noticed that gear in the AH is much cheaper now and I understand that Barbarians are awesome now with their double tornado build I know very little about.

All I got is my sword and board barbarian which probably looks very pitiful to you guys and a demon hunter made of paper mache. MP2 is all I can do, on MP5 things take forever to kill and I die a lot (reminds me of original inferno difficulty actually).

All I want to do is get myself a hellfire ring to twink alts and replay the game with different classes. I have seen the prices of top end gear and I have no intention to farm like that, so I will be happy to just farm keys until I can make myself a ring. Problem is all I got so far is a key of destruction and this is taking forever.

TL;DR: I want to farm keys on mp5, what gear do I need to run a double tornado barb that can do this at a decent pace? And more importantly, how much should I save before bothering with it?
If you know what your looking for you could build a HotA Rend barb that can do mp5 for less then 5mil, as for a double tornado WW barb, I have no idea.
Is there a good HotA Rend barb guide out there? I don't see one in RagingKoala's sticky post
To do Mp5 safely, effectively and not die so much, i would say right around 300M

Thats a barb that can kill things in a good amount of time. Anyone can build a barb for 5 mil that can SURVIVE mp5, but how long would it take you to kill stuff lol.

300M bro, or about 25$
my recommendation is buy a Skorn 2 handed hammer
when I had the skorn I could do MP4 with hammer of the ancients + rend build
just know that with a skorn don't expect to be a whirlwind barb unless you invest heavily
but for budget barb (your case) my recommendation is
1.) buy a skorn (socket with an emerald)
2.) for jewelry your top priority is crit chance
3.) take advantage of the new account bound crafted items (especially shoulders)

background (I have only played barb for about a month)
what i've noticed is using a skorn, getting 80K damage is not too expensive
using dual weapons to get 80K damage is a lot more expensive
I think u can farm ur own gear to farm mp5.
I built this barb with a modest budget of about 450m and she can do mp 6 with ease. Elite packs take roughly 20 seconds to kill and staying alive is not a problem. Here is a breakdown of what things cost me:

You really should at least get a two piece IK set. The chest and the belt are a must, IMO for a budget build. Mine cost a whopping 90m but you can get one with less than 200 vit for 45m roughly. If you go with less than 100vit, you are looking at 5m or less. The ik belt is also a must since you get decent strength, Life steal, high all resist and some vit if you are lucky. My belt cost 4m. With no vit, it would have cost less than 1m. I also went with the IK helm which gives decent EHP for a modest price. Mine was 14m. You pay more for higher strength rolls and AR. You can get the same helm with no AR for less than 5m easily. I originally had a pair of ik boots with 120 strength and 90 vit and a total of 500 armor which cost about 2m. I upgraded to my ice climbers for 28m. You can go with IK gloves but you really need IAS to make WW shine and that is not cheap on ik gloves so I went with a cheap pair of rare gloves that cost about 5m.

I would spend no more than 2 or 3 million on shoulders with str,vit AR and armor if you can find some. I would focus more on vit since you will need it at first. You can craft some pretty nice shoulders easily and should be the first item you craft since they have the highest chance to roll decently. This is due to needing to really only hit 2 random rolls for decent shoulders....vit and ar.

You really need to get 24% movement speed for efficiency and Lacuni bracers and your boots are the most logical place. Innas pants can be good but their EHP is garbage and should only be used at high levels. You are looking at around 10m for a pair of pants with 230 vit 150 ish strength and 65 or more AR. For lacunis you can get AR + CC for cheap or strength plus CC. I think I paid 9m for mine. If you need AR, you can get a pair with 60 or so AR and 3% CC for less than 10m.

My amulet cost 8m. You will be crafting something much nicer so don't spend too much here. The SOJ Cost me a whopping 6m. Cold is better but the same ring will probably cost you 35m or more with a crappy skill. I originally had a rare ring with str, CC, IAS and CD which cost me about 14m but I upgraded to the unity at a cost of 55m.

Weapons are probably going to cost the most. My EF cost 150m. My first EF was similar except it had 940 dps and was 42m. You can save a lot here by not getting LS at all. 1.1k dps dps with a socket and strength should not cost any more than 15m. 6% LS from your ik belt and bloodthirst is enough to get you going. With lower dps I prefer 3 sources of lifesteal. My OH axe cost me 75m but you can get one with around 60 strength and 1k dps for 20m. With WW, your tornado damage is derived from the damage range of your MH weapon so getting a higher dps weapon even if it has minimal strength and no base crit damage is recommended.

Basically, I have 5200 armor, 560 AR, 50k life, 8.3% LS, 52% CC buffed with passives only, and I hit the 2.2 APS breakpoint with my OH and 2.5 APS with my MH. According to d3Rawr.com, I have 550k unbuffed EHP and 1.32m tDPS against elites with 22k life steal per second. As I already said, mp 6 is not difficult. I have played in mp 10 and I can surive but it takes so long to kill elites that it is painful. There is nothing efficient about taking 2 minutes on an elite pack.

You can go with a cheaper IK chest, EF, Ring, boots and MH weapon and save yourself over 250m and probably only lose 10k health and maybe 25 or 30k dps. 110 or 115k dps is still pretty decent for mp 5.

I think 300m is a good round number to aim for or about $25 like Codey said. I would stick with a WW build since it is fast and dishes out a ton of damage. HOTA is great for ubers but farming with HOTA takes too long, IMO. BTW, I have another account with about 58k elite kills on it. This is one of my multibox farmers.
im sorry you guys are way way way overbudgeting mp5. I have built a set this week that put mp5 to shame and it was a 25m set that I also paid 10m for a SOJ for him. So really 15m was all it really needed. He was farming mp5 with it and said it was very easy and I encouraged him to move up to mp7, geared correctly you can easily do it for 15m.
LOL at 300M for MP5, what you guys are smoking?
Please link us some of these profiles that do mp 5 for 15m.
04/02/2013 02:07 PMPosted by Planet
Yep, either Storm or Nived could build a decent set for you on the cheap, you wont waste any gold that way.

nived would be better but I could do a budget set.

I offered ingame to build a set for some guy that wasted all his gold getting a real bad 5 piece IK set. He declined my offer after accepting it guess he though I was trying to scam him or something. :)
Okay that's awesome advice guys. I'll save 15m and come back for details.

04/02/2013 02:09 PMPosted by KillerElite
Please link us some of these profiles that do mp 5 for 15m.

ok will do let me go ingame and get his name.

You can faceroll MP5 with 1M as a barb, you just need to understand the mechanic of WW build, know what to buy, what stats to prioritize and have a knowledge of the current market.

Coming from a guy with a dupped amulet...lol 300M.

Can't buy skills.
i say 200-300 mil to farm it efficiently

Anyone saying less is smokin crack. You could survive it for less, but you won't be efficient.

Stupid question:

2.5M budget does not take into account the price of gems right?
Those are some nice sets for 15m. Not saying you can't play mp5 with them. Is 500k tDPS and 400k EHP fun to play higher mps with and how long do you want to take to kill elties? I think to get a decent amount of EHP and tDPS you really need to spend around 100m. More will get you more.

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