working for the 200k club

I am really trying to make 200k but it's evading me.....Not sure if I should get a ls skorn......I really enjoy dw budget is like 135 mil unless someone buys my Ah stuff then I might have 200 mil.......I have compared the cheaper cc nats to mine and most are less dps the gg ones are way outta my price range....I love my innas helm and don't want a Menlo plus they are also outta my price range for one that would compare to my innas........any suggestions currently at 166k
I would upgrade your glove first. You have stacked too much defensive stats in this offence slot.
I suggest start crafting a glove with 200+ dex, and pray to god that you'll get trifecta.

If not, then definitely get some crit dam on the glove.

As a general advice, when you're shooting for high end dps, you cannot afford to have wasted rolls on your gear... I noticed 5 wasted rolls on your gear... you can refer to my gear for reference. With the exception of the hellfire ring and shoulders, every item has rolls that will benefit me in some way, either str for extra armor, or intel for extra resist.

Actually, getting echo fury will boost your dps to close to 200k. Just have to live with the fear factor :)
Thanks you say I have five wasted rolls but you didn't tell me which ones lol I have been trying to craft gloves but no luck yet....just for fun let's say I craft some trifecta gloves where should I make up that bit of vitality loss

Just for reference my AR is over 500 without OWE
Sorry, wasted rolls are:

Amulet: poison resist (switch for vitality or att spd)
Shoulder: arcane resist + melee take x damage (switch for armor/more vitality/life %)
Belt: lightning resist (switch for life % would be nice)
nat ring: fire resist (switch for LOH or vitality)

I think you're trying to get a little bit of resist in all areas to boost survivability, but instead of getting the specific resist, why don't you get some +armor as a roll instead of resist? Armor works same as AR.
So are you like our butler or what?
04/02/2013 11:14 PMPosted by Cayzer
So are you like our butler or what?

Huh not sure how this is related

Thanks for the quick response the WH I have is leftover from my OWE days I'll have to see the AH cost of replacing it but judging from your advice I should start trying to craft some better shoulders first as well as ammy.............then gloves last....the Nat ring I'll have to check AH as well but I appreciate the advice as for an EF I hate the fear lol

Looks like I have to do some TR ing to collect some DEs
I sell u my inna chest u want? it will give u a lot more dps!
@Minikong What's your price I don't DW credit cards :p but feel free to add me we can talk maybe you have some other stuff that could be of use as well
took your advice bought a new WH and Nat ring today now its all up to the crafting gods hope they are good to me DE farming time
I wouldn't even worry about it too much trying to hit 200. Your WKL provides hidden dps which should get you close to that anyhow. Just keep on doing VOTA to farm for essences.
04/02/2013 11:47 PMPosted by BladeMaster
Huh not sure how this is related

Thread title:

"Working for the 200k club"

I thought maybe we hired a butler ;)
Thread title:

"Working for the 200k club"

I thought maybe we hired a butler ;)

Ok now it makes sense and is funny but on a serious note DEs are a pain to collect guess I'll just run cota it's fun eventually I'll get a good craft.......anyone find it's better to do mass crafting say 100 at a time or just craft as you collect DEs

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