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Trying it out now on MP10 but just cant seem to make it effective. Suppose to apply the DoT and then cast WoS right? Just not enough damage even with PtV.

Not to mention WoS just sucks for farming but is great for PVP or Ubers where there is only a Single Tgt. Fitting in Acid Cloud doesnt seem to work out either.

Obviously more work to do.

Going to have to disagree with you there. This can easily be done in MP10.

I use dogs for Life Link. Basically I do SH/VS -> Acid Rain -> Firebats until I see the numbers decrease during ticks - > WoS to mop up. I use PtV at low MP (5 or lower) and GF for 6-10. I do have PuR gear which makes it even easier. Everything is dead at that point, rinse repeat for each group. Spirit Walk is just for sticky situations which rarely occur.
so does the upcoming change to firebats kill our new build?? hurray for less diversity...
Pretty much.

Manvan brought light to an incredible build.

Blizz came in and nerfed it into nothingness-ness-ness-ness.....
Yes, it is really sad, I very much enjoy this build.
Build can still work, on many levels. Won't be around to test for a while, but once the patch comes in, I'd be tempted to try something like this:!YWf!bZbbbb.

The real problem will be for those who are used to the hit/run style, or use them to replace Bears. Both philosophies will not work. Idea will now be to lock up mobs with tanks/spells before melting. Will need one of you clever folk to pick up the baton and tweak to make it work...
i will make bats work!!
First of all, thanks to Nubtro for all the info, well done mate.

I've always found Bats appealing but the truth is, at high-end level they simply suck compared to bears, our only real dps source. I'm from EU and I've pretty much tried everything there's out there, both in PvE and PvP and in mp10, even with 300k dps, Bats is no good tbh.

However, since Blizzard announced they will buff the damage, a whole new bunch of possible builds opens up. Of course, only if the dmg buff is significant. Otherwise nothing will change, and I'm so sick of the !@#$ing bears.

With a Skorn (the true WD weapon, anybody using a 1h is a moron, kidding xD) we should be able to channel Bats with a very low cost, or even indefinitely. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Skill costs 66 per sec with 1.0 aps.

Aps 1.3 = 85,8 mana per sec. Base regen + 4zuni = 65.

This means we would be spending 20 mana per sec. This is really awesome if we compare it to current levels. And... -10 Bats on sojs is not working as intended. When Blizzard fixes this, we should be spending 72,8 per sec, so after regen 7,8 mana.

I haven't included any passives or skills yet, but if the goal is to lose 0 mana using Bats, adding Bloodritual or SA will make us regen mana during channeling after the initial 200mana spent. Even if the amount regenerated is minor, this fact really changes a lot of things.

This could be a build with Bats as only dps source for Party play MP10:!bTY!bZZcYb

When fighting big groups of mobs, GI, GF and then Honoured Guest will provide enough mana for hit and run mechanics. And when dealing with Elites or Bosses, we will be able to cast bats indefinitely with the right positioning.

Actually, in a good party I'm guessing that PtV will be perfectly usable instead of Spiritual attunement.

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