What's your favorite hero class in Diablo III?

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Whether you play as a brave Barbarian, a cunning Demon Hunter, a poised Monk, an enigmatic Witch Doctor, or an electrifying Wizard, you share one thing in common: a love for taking the fight to the very worst that the Burning Hells have to offer.

For this week's community question, we want to ask you: What's your favorite hero class in Diablo III?

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tie between barb and wiz
Demon Hunter
DH for the fun.
Wizard ftw!
WD but I play Barb almost exclusively thanks to the skill synergy and the all-powerful CC immunity.

I sure hope +skill augments on gear and/or skill points come around so that I can really feel epic using normal, diverse builds as opposed to just utilizing the lamest setups in-game. =)
Demonk Barbizard Doctor, clearly.
I enjoy playing monk.
Easily the Monk
Demon Hunter.
The WD but Blizz doesn't seem to care about the WD, in fact I think they forgot the WD even exists... so I play a little of everything else just waiting for the day when you guys decide to try and make them viable in the end game without a 10 billion gold gearset.

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Witch Doctor all day.
Monk of course. Strongest character in all aspects.

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