What's your favorite hero class in Diablo III?

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Would play again!!! monk++++++++++++++
Bar Bar... ;)
Wizard. I like to think of the Archon beam of death as the laser drill from the WoL campaign.

In terms of concept though, I like the monk best. Alas, almost every monk I've ever seen just uses skills that buff damage + fists of thunder.
Witch Doctor
Wiz is favorite.

But I think Witch Doctor is most interesting.
Demon Hunter.
Monk is my fav
Nerfed Hunter
Monk, but I don't play it much anymore because the Barb just destroys it really.
DH, mostly for the DPS. I loved bonemancers in D2 but they don't really have the equivalent in D3.
Wiz here
bar bar best lolz
Barbarian, untill they re introduce the Paladin in the next expansion pack that is....
Have to go with the Wizard because of the challenge of playing the class.

I was "melting" mobs in NM playing with a friend and I said "what's better than having a spell called disintegrate" as I watched the enemies explode and disappear into oblivion... he responded with "I dunno... maybe 'instant-death'." Touche my friend, touche...

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