What's your favorite hero class in Diablo III?

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Sorceress and Paladin, oh wait you took those out of the game...
CM/WW wizard
Monk because it is the closest class to the Paladin.
Monk even if he sucks compare to Barbolo
Doesn't Blizzard have access to Live Data, a feature they explained as integral to Battle.net 2.0?

I mean... couldn't they just look and say "Ok, everyone plays Barbs"?
wiz :P
I enjoy my monk the most.
Diablo 2

For this week's community question, we want to ask you: [b]What's your favorite hero class in Diablo III

my favorite is the demon hunter, although I dont enjoy playing the class because it has problem at higher mp while other classes have ease...so i don't play my DH, at all.
I like the Wiz but its to easy to faceroll with the Barb.
Wizard and Witch Doctor
Wizard, but i find her less strong than other class. I Hope 1 days she will become a monster like in d2 !
Demon Hunter
Some People who says monk doesnt even has ANY monk in their Profile.
What i see is BARB as MAIN but still saying monk........
Good False Flag for protecting your cookie cutter barb....
Just Be HONEST ok.....

My Fave IS Witch Doctor.
Hated: Demon Hunter.
It would be WD if 80% of skills usable...
demon hunter

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