Disable cut scenes.

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I hope Blizzard will have an option to disable cut scenes in the future.

Four times for every new class you play is more than enough, don't you agree?
They said they would think about it shortly after release... so expect it sometime in the next ten years after they pass around the idea for a little longer.
I'm thinking with expansion, they will remove one difficulty, either nightmare or hell, since it's obsolete and a pain in the !@# for playing through the same content FOUR times.

But with the mob density patch, players might start farming other acts and everyone knows act 4 is the shortest but 50% of it is made up of cut scenes. Hope they can disable it in 1.08.
Yeah the constant cutscenes are annoying, there needs to be an option to disable them, simple as that
Hopefully this will be implemented by 1.10
Honestly, I'd rather have the option to put duct tape over Kormac's mouth.
Pretty sure They want you to relive the story, over and over and over again.

Cause thats whats so fun about a Diablo Game!!!

Skipping the same Cinematics, cutscenes over and over

The argument for this always reminds me of the Seinfeld episode where Elaine complains about having to shake a drink & says, "No. I'm sick of shaking. You've got to shake everything." & Jerry picks up the drink, shakes it gently & replies, "Yeah, that's a real nuisance. This is killing me."

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