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I've been a fairly intensive gaming player for over 10 years and I only get wrist pains from playing this wizard. I play for generally 4-6 hours a day and I'm a software engineer. Needless to say, I'm on the computer a lot. However, the sessions when I play my WW/CM wizard is pretty bad. having to constantly press 1, 2, and 3 or for spurts for up to 10 min on ubers is pretty brutal on your wrist.

I know most people will tell me to exercise more, take more breaks, and I do both often. However, I never have this problem with playing WoW intensively for hours or any other game I've ever played. I wish I could use a macro or simply hold down these keys for them to be hit again. However, I know the macro would get me banned. Does anyone else run into this problem or wish Blizzard would change their key press ways to a more 'wrist friendly' endeavor?
04/10/2013 06:24 AMPosted by Surandra
I know most people will tell me to exercise more, take more breaks, and I do both often.

Doesn't sound like it. Use free weights more and work your cardio on a heavy bag. Strengthen your feminine sissy wrists.

It helps. If you still have issues after 3 months of doing that then you should see a doctor for another issue entirely.

Also changing your posture can help if you don't sit close to the keyboard. Make sure your elbows are resting somewhere to take some of the strain off.
I appreciate all of the health advice Murderin, and I'll be sure to try what you've suggested. However, have you played a WW/CM wizard? It is drastically more intense than any of the other specs I've found.
I wish I could simply hold down these keys for them to be hit again.

i was under the impression that it already worked like this. have you tried it?
If you set it up a certain way, it's less work. Have wicked wind on left mouse click, DS on 1, EB on 2 and FN on 3. Now, if you hold 1 and 2 and left mouse click at a mob, you can spam 3 only and 1/2 will autocast after every cooldown cycle. The order of 1-2 then spamming 3 is important for it to work. You can also bind 1, 2 and 3 to z, x and c so that you can hold l-shift together with these conveniently. Overall, you will have far less issues with this setup.
@Randallross, it doesn't work for Frost Nova.

@DBlitz - I'll have to try that, it sounds like it will be a lot less stressing. Thanks!
Go to gym and buy yourself a membership.
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Mix up the amino acid in a water bottle and grab a secondary bottle with a scoop of protein but no water and put it in your inventory.
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Find the biggest god damn weight you can wrap your hands around.
Put it in the air slam it to the ground.
Yell and maybe pull one of these faces > . <
Sip on your amino acids you pre-mixed earlier.
Hang around the tap periodically wiping the sweat of your forehead and staring at people simultaneously.
Put water in your protein shaker and mix it.
Drink it.
Feel the power surge through your body as it goes through a complex process of building muscle.
Come back to this thread and delete it.
Shake your head at how simple you could have avoided this embarrassing situation.
Repeat all above steps every day of the week until you pass onto the next realm.
just use a macro geez... no way bliz is going to ban all the freeze wizs...
Also just to add... none of the skills that have CDs autocast on CD. Unless there is an option I am missing somewhere.
04/10/2013 06:24 AMPosted by Surandra
I know the macro would get me banned

Is this for real ?
They cant ban for macro's if they did that they would be discriminating against anyone who may have a cast on there arm or maybe they only have 1 arm. Could you imagine the PR for that one. I got banned for using a macro because I'm One Handed!

That amount of discrimination would be so huge a lawsuit would be the minimal damage of the company. There reputation would get hurt more than they could handle. Games are meant to be fun, pouncing on buttons which causes wrist issues are not something we want, nor does blizzard want. You health is more important than a video game.

If for some reason they don't care at all and you get banned then look at it this way. Dont ever buy another blizzard product and make sure your voice gets heard. Contact the news, contact the media, create facebook/youtube pages/videos about how Diablo 3 banned you for preventing carpal tunnel. If your one-handed your voice will be amplified by 10,000,000%.

Blizzard wouldn't dare! There is already to much hate on this game, add discrimination and health concerns and its the end of blizzard.
@mat "use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the Service, any Game or any Game experience;"

Many users still use macros, but it is "At Your Own Risk" because Blizzard has not come out with an explicit stance concerning a macro because there is too much to define with 'macro'. Instead it is simply encompassed into the language of the statement above. A bot can be created using a string of macros and there are many other uses of macros that you will DEFINITELY get banned for. That being said, I would love 'holding down a button to autocast that spell' like with Wicked Winds, but with spells that have CDs as well.

@Zyron thanks for your tips - I'll probably talk to my doctor before taking any medications though. I'll definitely bring it up though. Although to give you an idea of the intensity of CM/WW wizards, I was peaking around ~360 apm while playing this guy. (Mathematically it's pressing 3 buttons every .5 seconds or faster to make sure your spells go off cast as soon as the CD is up which is really ~360) So, it maybe the play style difference as well. I will also state that this is with one hand. This doesn't include the mouse clicks which aren't nearly as intensive. I really enjoy that I'm able to permi-freeze enemies, do lots of damage, and never die, but I wish it was less intensive physically.
Here is a simple resolution to your problem from my experience. Switch to Archon wiz. It's faster, more fun, more profitable. Might cost you about 40 bucks in real money AH to buy gear if your patient, unless you have some gold handy. But hey, your a software guy, one of the better jobs out there for making $, so you can afford it :)

Watch some vids for archon wiz and see what you think. They are also buffing it in the upcoming patch to make it more group friendly. Bad part about archon is you will have to run lower mp's but the speed of a run is insane. Add me if you want to tag along sometime and see what it's all about.

With Archon you'll be working the 2 button mouse predominately. with an occasional 1key added in.

buffed you'll be popping out 300k-400k damage in a laser! Awesome!
I do kind of miss features from other arpgs that are pretty much exactly like what OP is asking for, not to mention when it shows up in other genres.

It's partially why I still pay Sacred: Underworld even alongside Diablo 3. I can shoot arrows at something, on my horse, while I strafe around it, and retarget when necessary with having to stutter step or constantly retap the same key or mouse button. Or combination slots that let me chain together the same ability or multiple abilities, and swapping out various weapons/shields for specific targets or spells because there's times fast weapon speed is good and times it ain't, and shields are actually worth using in more than 5% of instances.

D3 really fails on that front, I don't need gear for gf/mf, or particular resistances (or damage types because X has 99% fire resist or poison resist but 1% physical), or gear slotted with buff runes so that I get an extra 50 spell levels when recasting my boosts.
you could always just buy blizzards mouse.. which is marketed as being able to use macros.

It would be extremely hard for them to ban you for using their mouse as marketed.

TAILOR YOUR GAME: Remap all 7 ergonomically placed buttons with predefined skills and commands. Assign macros with easy drag-and-drop functionality to personalize the mouse for your game.


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