Help omrakos, Error 44 O.o

Technical Support
I got a msg saying Error 44 your account was muted.

I was logging in and out to switch trade channels cause as far as i know that is the only way to switch channels. then i logged in and posted my stuff and bam. Cant talk to people cant add people to friends list.

Tells me to log into my account on for more information.

Is this legit or a bug? what is going on.

It appears it was muted due to the account spamming in chat. There's really nothing further I can tell you about it in a public forum. On the first offense, the muted period isn't that long, lasting less than an hour I believe.
Oh So what is considered spamming?
All i did was post "WTB UNID LEGENDS & SETS:PST w/links for prices or visit my post on the trading forums, Make a random bump on the thread and you could win 10m gold daily!"

I posted once in general and once in trading if no one responded i would log out and log in to change chat rooms. Really should make a better way to change chat rooms.

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