show of hands who misses the Necromancer

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I'm curious as to how they would implement a necro into this game with such clean and corpse free lands.

I suppose they could either actually have corpses which would be amazing. Or perhaps it would work like to WD and the skellies would just be willed into existence.

Either way, necro/druid were my fav classes and I miss them the mostest.
Gotta love that maggot lair...
04/17/2013 07:31 PMPosted by mrod131
I miss my skeleton Army!

Yes to the summoner.

Poison and Bone necromancer not so much.
Curses could have been better designed as well.

Despite it's flaws the necromancer is by far the best summoning class ever made in a videogame in my opinion.
you realize ; since there's no plus skills. And only mediocre "rune" variants of a given would be stuck to the limit of Skele's they gave you. Since there's no Homunculus (like D2's) get the skill and that's it.

Unlocked lvl 60 skill. Raise Skeleton raises one additional skeleton.

Oh man! OH MAN! Pick that rune. :P
The Necromancer had a good "feel" for playing.

It was the Cadillac of characters--slow, deliberate, INEXORABLE, powerful.

Skeleton army + whatever that skill was that would get the demons to fight each other...and how the curses could often be made to stack...PRICELESS.

I'd get them to fight each other, then Amplify Damage.

And you know what's best? I'd do it by casting over/through and obstacle, getting the enemy to kill themselves before I even got there.

We need to organized and GET LOUD on this issue.

I've posted on this before. It's a subject that's dear to my corrupted old heart--the Necromancer.

This was perhaps the most Diablo-esque character that there ever was, a work of inspired genius from the folks at Blizzard, to include such a dark, gothic, sinister hero to fight evil.

04/18/2013 07:17 AMPosted by Crimson
Gotta love that maggot lair...

Definitely one of the most annoying part of a Necro summoner's life.
Totally agree.
+1 for sure
This is the only thing i want them to bring back quickly, there are a few other things also but this first.

But, even if they added this class it would be a let down. If more than 4 players in a game is too much for the system to handle, I'm not sure it would handle 30+ followers + 3 other players.
+1 for necro

my fear would be that they'd screw it up somehow though
Haze, it would give other players a chance to complain that our followers are slowing down the server and taking all their xp. lol
Bring back mass summomancer for the expansion blizzard. Give me the power I beg of you
I see a lot of love for the skeleton army, and with good reason, but how about revive monster? I loved that ability. It added so much variety and made different areas of the game play differently!
Second Fav: Blood Golem with Iron Maiden! just owned!

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