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Too slow... tooooo slow...

And we talking about "simple" patching ... I cant think when we gonna PVP - LADDER and expand itemization ( not rework , EXPAND ) ... Maybe next year... Guys you are toooooo slow seriously.
04/29/2013 06:12 PMPosted by Grimiku
but it's something we're working on

Here's what I'd like:
You pay a large (but not crazy, maybe based on the item's level?) price to socket a piece of gear.
You pay a large price to remove an undesirable attribute (like reduced level requirement) to make room for another attribute.
To add an attribute, you need a certain number of a particular crafting material plus a large amount of gold to add the attribute with a base value. For example, to add +Strength to your weapon, you have to gather 30 Strength Essences or whatever and pay 500,000 gold, and this would add the +Strength attribute to your weapon, with a base value of like 10 or so.
Once you have an attribute on your gear, you can upgrade it by using a certain number of the same crafting material and an amount of money.
There would be a hard limit on how high you can level an attribute, probably the same maximum values a particular attribute can roll normally for a piece of gear. So you couldn't build a +1000 strength sword, or +100% crit chance gloves, but you could get the max normally allowable.
The crafting materials would come from salvaging gear with that attribute. Possible some random chance factored in. Like if you salvage a ring with +Strength, +MF, +Life Steal, you get the normal crafting material, and a chance of getting one or more of the crafting materials for +Strength, +MF, +Life Steal. Maybe the chance depends on the item level.
The pricing of the attribute could factor on several things. More desirable attributes, like crit chance and crit damage and attack speed, would be more expensive to add to gear and more expensive to upgrade. Maybe the item cost and gold cost of upgrading an attribute would increase based on the attributes current level. Like it would be relatively cheap to add Strength to a weapon at first, but it would get much more expensive as you level it up. Adding an attribute to a piece of gear which normally cannot roll with that attribute, like attack speed on chest armor, would be more expensive than adding it to a piece of gear that can roll with it.
To keep the AH from flooding with perfect gear listed at insane prices, gear that is altered this way could be account-locked, and the crafting materials used to alter it. Just like demonic essences and archon gear.
There would be some attributes that you could not add to gear, like the special attributes attached to some legendaries and set bonuses

I wish they would listen to you. To add to your list I have:
* Make socketing an option but only as a tradeoff for another item attribute, like it is currently searched in the AH. You can socket any item you want up to a max number of sockets the item type allows (3 for chest armor for example) but only by removing another existing attribute in said item.
For example: Weapon with some (1)elemental dmg, (2)attack speed, (3) crit dmg, (4) life steal and (5) reduced lvl requirement. To place a socket you could remove the reduced lvl requirement attribute and have an even more powerful item. Items that don't normally allow sockets can't be socketed (normally as in non legendary versions) and you can add as many sockets as the item allows as long as you are willing to exchange existing attributes in such item.

* Upgradable item "power" by increasing its max current number of affixes if below the max allowed. In other words, have a 4 affix item be upgradable to 5 then 6. There could be an item that has really good stats, both in type and value, but doesnt have the max number of affixes allowed.
For example: monsters rarely drop an item that you can use to roll the number of affixes of your current item WITHOUT affecting its current affixes giving a chance to introduce a random extra affix on every roll up to the max that item can hold. Then with the suggestions from the quote, change attributes around if desired.

* Class specific affix on any item allowing for build customization and specialization. A monk could try to get every single piece of gear with +Sweeping Wind dmg or a demon hunter go for +Rapid fire dmg and do some crazy numbers for sheer fun.

* Non dmg skill modifier attributes: these could reduce CDs or costs from abilities, increase their effectiveness by a certain number or % (e.g. +.5% increased passive health restoration from that passive skill from demon hunters [can't remember the name]) which may make the game more complex, specially for those that like theorycrafting but would give many players a lot more tools to play around with and try some really crazy builds.

* Side note: monsters drop much more gold to not have to heavily rely on the AH to get some income in order to upgrade or craft items; or items just vendor for more.

Just some thoughts.
04/30/2013 03:05 AMPosted by InfiniteVoid
lol... only change i would make to your suggestion would be the special mats not be account bound.

The point of these changes would be to get people off of the AH, and improve the economy of the AH. Not locking the materials to accounts would make the economy worse. Because you know that certain attributes would sell better than others. You'd end up with +crit chance materials that you got from a blue ring with a vend price of 500 gold selling for like 100K a pop or more, probably. With an infinite amount of gold available from monster drops, you want to take as much money out of the economy as possible, not put more in.

People salvaging gear would mean less gold overall and fewer items on the AH. And better items in the AH, because there would be some gear that you would be better off selling than salvaging. The cost of improving your gear would take more gold out of the economy, and the ability to make your own gear as good as something on the AH would drive down the prices in the AH to something actually attainable to people who don't play 10 hours a day.
04/29/2013 06:12 PMPosted by Grimiku
We don't have an estimate on when this feature will make it into the game, but it's something we're working on.


Did you copy and paste this part also? (or is this in spite to our constant complaints around these 1 liners?)

Seeing that word on the Itemization update is coming up on 2 months ago now... One would figure we would have gotten more than this for an ETA...

I see Lylirra had to come clean up your post also.
Hurry the hell up then, working on it working on it, your too daaaaaaaam slow, how many do u have on ur team, 20!!!! Hurry before I get freakin bored. I'm boredddddddddd, get the dam thing people want, newwwwwww stufffff, new stage, new monster, NEW weaponnnnnnnnnnnssss now now now, bored bored bored, I didn't spend this much time to get bored , pls help me get unbowed...... In time in time in time, hoe many Pete do u have working, there should be at least 100. Wake upppppppppppppppppppp, wake uppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp,
I have mentioned this a few times but i really hate the look of the level 63 helms, but I really like the look of the 62. My thought was to allow the blacksmith to take a 63 rare and 62 rare and overwrite the stats. This would be an item sink as it would destroy the original 62. Just have to maintain the requirement level. I am tired of my barb looking like he is on his way to an alternative biker bar. If they want me to look like that I want a leash for my enchantress! Haha.

This would not do much for end game, but would go a long way to making the game look better. I loved the way my barb looked before I put real gear on him. When I first made inferno he looked like a barbarian that you would not want to mess with. Now he looks like a dork.
Personally I cared more about how my character class can be customized rather than how my flashy new AH gear looked. But that is something the developers didn't seem to care as much about. Keep on answering the easy questions blues. GG
04/30/2013 10:25 AMPosted by Torqbow
Personally I cared more about how my character class can be customized rather than how my flashy new AH gear looked. But that is something the developers didn't seem to care as much about. Keep on answering the easy questions blues. GG

You mean the skill and attributes points allocation? Then NO!
They should do something similar to Warhammer online, where the farther you get, just the more badass your char looks. Not in terms of armor, obviously, but after killing 100,000 demons you can have a demon head hanging off your belt. Something along those lines
I feel like you guys should not stop at armor customization, i mean, i dont see any reason to not implement something like this to weapons when you are doing it to armor.
it's something we're working on.

I was excited until I got to here.
Well this feature is quite well introduced in many games like Aion

where you take a skin piece and overlay it on an item, so it looks differently...

that would be sweet in diablo!!!


> extract skin essence from lvl53 armor piece
> go to the blacksmith
> apply the skin essence on a 60lvl gear (20% chance to fail)

essence can be obtained from blue items and higher (also legendaries!!!)

also notice, gloves essence is different than a helmet essence for example
so it would be fully customizable, BUT not sellable thru auction house, tradable still
items are sellable thru the AH anyway...

also add a preview item look option to make sense of customization at all

i would also like to see an EVENT item slot... (promotion slot)
like this one, to avoid item equip every single game, also to make it visible in the lobby screen
I know there is a lot of criticism about sentences like "something we talk about in the office" or "it's something were working on", and the solution everyone wants are faster updates. I think we'd all love for the patching process to be quicker (that’s kind of like saying “who doesn’t want free stuff?”), but the fact is: patches aren’t created in a vacuum, and it’s really not as simple as you might think.

Seemingly simple changes usually have a lot of work associated with them, and it’s easy to underestimate the complicated nature of the work involved. New content has to be coded, implemented, assigned art assets (sometimes), have a test environment built for it, tested until its right, and then we rinse and repeat that process each time we iterate. After that, we need to coordinate a release on a global level, make sure everything is localized, and then deploy to the live game (which is not just a flick of a switch). That isn’t to say we can’t do better, and we’re always working on ways to improve, but my point is this shouldn’t be trivialized. It’s a disservice to your feedback and this discussion to do that.

We also tend to use flexible language when talking about changes that aren’t ironed out yet or have a timeline for when they’ll be implemented. That way, we can talk about what we’re working on and acknowledge ideas/issues even if we don’t have a lot of details to discuss (i.e. we may not always know when a particular change is going to make it into the game or how it will manifest, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it). While that may not be your ideal scenario, we prefer it over staying quiet since it keeps the community more involved. Just some food for thought.
Kids now are like "Me want now now now waaaa waaaa!!. Seriously Blizz, take all the time needed to improve this game. Not all players here are impatient and also I for one understand the weight and work needed to implement such changes.

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