fps still dropping

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Just start listing things/ ways fixes that might fix my fps

i usualy get 50 in town drops 20-30 when i start moving
but in combat ive seen it hit 8 but it seems like 2 so slow
What video card do you have?

Drivers for vid card up to date?

Did you try low fx settings?

What resolution are you running?

When you start moving the gpu needs to render more information which is why you are dropping frames.

Do you drop frames immediatley or are you playing for awhile before it happens?
Just checked your profile and I assume by your kills this is a new problem. Try updating your drivers if that is not the issue your GPU could be failing. Good luck brother!
had this same problem. tried many solutions to fix it... lowered all graphics settings, lowered sound settings to lowest. did benchmarking test, updated all drivers, when in bios and disabled integrated graphics card.... but try this!!!!

Delete d3prefs file...becomes corrupted. try that and see if your woes subside. this file gets recreated when you boot up d3 after deleting it... I just did it 5 mintues ago and my fps before doing this would go from 8-9 to 68+ .... now they are steady and smooth
What video card do you have?

Drivers for vid card up to date?

Did you try low fx settings?

What resolution are you running?

download Speccy. its free and will export all your system specs to a text file. then you just copy and paste over to here. just make sure you delete your operating system serial number from the text file :P

edit: also when pasting the information here select it all and press the "pre" button then hit submit. that way it puts code tags on it. it will keep all that info easier to read.
this really isn't a new problem i just put up with it
im sick of it

the only char i could play was my wizard cause fps was to much for a speed barb. and i played the wiz so much i cant handle the stresss anymore its to boring mp2-4 only with barb i can do 10 with minimual gear and have alot of fun but this fps makes it horrible no fun at all

im working with someone in a ticket unfortunately i wont be home until later to test my temperature while playing.

thanks for posting though guys. last guy made me update my amd radeon 6800 series drivers did absolutely nothing guy in ticket said its not your updated stuff you should beable to run max setting high fps

so hes havingme play and run some program to test my temperatures for overheat
Do you drop frames immediately or does it take a few minutes? This does sound like a thermal issue. Your card is about the same as a nvidia 460 which is what I have run in the past. These things get blazing hot. 120+ watts is about the power dissipation. If you have ever felt a 60 watt lightbulb while on you can imagine the heatsink baseplate temp. Open the case and blow the dust out if needed. If your case and fans are clean I would wager the GPU is going south. Download MB probe it will tell you the mobo temp and processor temp. With average cooling and without knowing your system you should be about 45 degree c on average.

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