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Im a level 8 paragon WW barb looking for some buddies to farm with and have good times.
my damage is around the 70k mark. i can run mp2-4 pretty smoothly.

Anyone around the same area feel free to add me
i have a 120k ww baba and a 176k sw monk both unbuffed baba goes too 190k buffed monk does 400k buffed ill add you once this pathetic excuse of a server is back online
hey bro id also be keen!
when server back ill add also.
when server due back anyway?
The servers seem to be back on now.

I have just added viken.

all welcome to add me slackgaz#1346
They are well and truely back up now, thanks for the add slackgaz
im keen,

I'm going to upgrade my DH in the next week or so to be able to play MP2-4. Will add you guys here when I do.

The other thing is I help maintain an uber/key/farming list over here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/8196651477.

There aren't many players in the group < MP5. It would be great if you guys would like to get that list going by adding yourselves to the group. There are also a lot of higher MP players willing to help with farming, etc.

Either way, I'll be adding ppl from this thread when my baby DH grows a pair next week :P

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