Blizzard is going to make me cry

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Are'nt you the guy that was spamming Blizzard to restore your character that you deleted... then proceeded to delete more characters so you couldn't use restore?
Dude Gemini i wish it was only a deleted thread or i wouldnt be here wasting my time.
04/17/2013 06:38 PMPosted by WhiteWidow
Dude Gemini i wish it was only a deleted thread or i wouldnt be here wasting my time.

Well without knowing what your thread was no one can help you.
Lol @ Glock nah i dont cheat everything i have is legit i played hardcore u think i was worried about restoring softcore chars when gold is at 2cents a mil?
I want to know what you posted damnit, got me curious
Ok Gemini lemme make it short for you.

Blizzard locked my account out for weeks when game was released "Because of a glitch" Fell behind all my friends while i watched them make 60$ on crappy items.

Sold a RMAH item got the email saying congrats on ur item for 33$ came back online next day account was banned. Called blizz told me i have to send all my Identification in order to help me.. sent it all then to be told they banned me because my phone number didnt line up on pay pal.
got my account un banned item was stuck in transition then gave it back to me and i didnt get any money. which then btw the item dropped in value by 90%

Hardcore character died because blizzards server booted me off... here is my internet speed test to show that it isnt bad.

i was still talking on skype and everything when Diablo 3 disconnected me so i know it wasnt my internet. Anways there u go thats not even all the heart ache ive been thru man thats just the icing on the cake.
Matt90977 add whitewidow#1492 ill send u in game my whole post if you would like to know.
Actually the title said Why do i even play? Why do any of us even play?
Man im using freedom of speech with no harm intended i just wana be heard from all my fellow gamers that really need to hear it.
Thanks for the support DML i appreciate you coming out.
Someone could explain why.

Inb4 this thread gets deleted too.

Can't make threads about deleted threads.
04/17/2013 05:57 PMPosted by WhiteWidow
im really interested in doing this, there is no other way i can fight this tyranny they left me empty handed when i was 100% respectful and honest. All the bad diablo 3 has given me and im not gonna explain it again because last post i did that they deleted it. I have my old post if anyone is curious what they deleted. Prnt screen ftw :)

Oh please get over yourself. In all the years I have played blizzard They have displayed tolorance. Look at this forum an tell us they do not allow negative or disparaging threads. It is a game, do you even know what tyranny is?

Well whatever good luck in you're next game.
Just cry it out, its bad if you are holding it back T_T

Its simply because you were being critical in a mature manner. They need to be superior to us and it makes them look bad when they can't patronize us.

If you dont want to be deleted all you have to is to praise Blizzard in your post. I have seen racist, sexist, profanity, all-caps, etc ignored as long as they say "Blizzard makes the best games and i will buy them all"

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