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In our latest Developer Journal, senior game designer Wyatt Cheng talks about improvements coming to multiplayer co-op in 1.0.8. Check it out, and let us know what you think!
Thanks good read! where is the PTR?
At the end of the Developer Journal, it seems like the PTR will be available today, would also like to know when we can get on and try the new features.
04/02/2013 04:25 PMPosted by XkillabeeX
At the end of the Developer Journal, it seems like the PTR will be available today, would also like to know when we can get on and try the new features.

If you check out the PTR forums it is still set up for 1.0.7 with that being said i am hoping for today but not holding my breath.
04/02/2013 04:20 PMPosted by Disobedient
Thanks good read! where is the PTR?

It's actually sooner™ than we think, but not soon™ enough for us to get it soon.
Thanks good read! where is the PTR?

It's actually sooner™ than we think, but not soon™ enough for us to get it soon.

Wait wait i don't think sooner is in the blizzard copyright this year.

If you ask me they jumped the gun posting this without everything being ready the end clearly stated to go test but without said ability those words were wasted.
This is great news! Still, shouldn't this all have already been implemented months ago? (Even taking into account the corporate design process you lectured us on, Lylirra)? Still, this is good news. I like all the changes listed. A step in the right direction. I might actually play with other players for once!


Wyatt Cheng recently followed up on some player questions over on Reddit. The main thread can be found here, but I've highlighted his responses below (along with links to their original locations).

Is the hellfire ring bonus multiplicative as well? I think it's additive but I'm not certain.

Wyatt: Hellfire Ring is additive.

As an example. Suppose you have 35% from Hellfire Ring and 31% from a Ruby in your helm. That's a total XP bonus of 66%.

Suppose you're in a 3-player game, granting you 20% more XP (multiplicative). 1.66 (ring/ruby) * 1.20 (20% multiplayer) = 1.992

Assuming I did my math right, total bonus XP in a 3-player game with your ring + ruby: 99.2%

How come there is no "Item Hunting" tag, which means the intention to skip around all over the place to hunt elites, and farm specific areas. Not many people do "full act clears" anymore. And "questing" is akin to "full act clears" isn't it? Plus keywarden is part of Item Hunting.
So the tags would be better if they were: Questing, Item Hunting, Uber Bosses, and PvP.

Wyatt: The main concern with "Item Hunting" as a matchmaking tag is whether it actually makes it easier for multiple strangers to get around the Act quickly. As it is, everybody has a slightly different play style, route, etc. Skipping around to different locations can be worked out solo, or with a good friend, but with a stranger requires a higher level of co-ordination. Our experience is that players in Public Games often end up travelling linearly through the game because the overhead of coordinating a route erodes the efficiency gained by bouncing around that it ends up not being worth it. We really want our tags to be "Player chose tag X, therefore the expected shared activity will be Y", and for that shared activity to be unambiguously clear to all players who enter that game.
This isn't a "no" to an "Item Hunting" tag, I'm just stating our concerns. I'd say, think about it, try out Public Games on PTR, and leave us your feedback.

looking forward to trying a lot of these things out in the PTR!

Wyatt: PTR should be very soon.

Very soon eh? Might as well skip the Ask the devs part 2 and just go straight to PTR later this week or next week.

Wyatt: The Ask the devs questions right now are focused on itemization, and we know people still have itemization questions. Since 1.0.8 is focused on multiplayer, it seems like both could happen in parallel.

Thx for a response Wyatt, it's been awhile since Ask the Devs 2: Itemization Part 1 has come out, I just hope that Part 2 is coming soon, like hopefully this week. I thought it was going to come out last week, but then there was the GDC and you and some of the other developers were up North at the time I'm not sure if that is cause for the delay but it would be nice to see more of those responses, and hopefully on some of the tougher questions ;)

Wyatt: Yes - GDC was a big factor for the delay on the next round of Ask the Devs questions, sorry about that!

Any word on MOB density? Coming in this patch/ptr or moved on to the next? Great changes ahead anyway. Hope to get our hands on these much needed multiplayer improvements!

Wyatt: Yes! Mob density is 1.0.8. The blog was focused primarily on multiplayer improvements but 1.0.8 also includes increased monster density for Acts 1, 2 and 4 as well as other features such as "Craft Multiple"

No mention of Density changes, is this still in 1.0.8? Or is it pushed back or added later on to the PTR?

Wyatt: Increased density in Acts 1, 2 and 4 are in 1.0.8

Excellent additions to party play! It's going to be awesome actually wanting to play with my friends rather than feeling obligated to simply because they're my friends. Another great step.

Wyatt: Thanks! Our goal is to constantly improve the game with every patch. Personally, I play a mix of co-op and solo and definitely hear where you're coming from. I'm looking forward to the patch going live too!
Really liked the changes, but as someone pointed out: add follower to multiplayer. As I added:

Addind followers to Multiplayer would grealy improve co-op (as well as PvP, I'd say), not only by making it easier without having to nerf monsters, but also by adding some party customization.
Also, it would be one less sacrifice to make when going from solo to coop, which is always a good thing when you want more people cooping.

Other than that, WAY TO GO! Diablo 3's getting better.
Thx Lylirra <3

Matchmaking tag suggestion:

Farming elites/Demonic essences farming
The much needed multi-boxing buff.

Good Start Lylirra.


Multiplayer Bonuses:
Much needed from launch, good addition. Bonuses will suffice for me to co-op may play pubs to find a group of similar power. I very well may even begin multiboxing for this purpose.

Match Making Tags:
Much needed from launch, good addition. I can see myself finally doing an uber run or key farming for the first time since two weeks after ubers launched. It could be kind of cool to join a game where people just go from act to act to act killing key wardens. I may even brawl again for the first time since two weeks after that launched.

Monster Health Nerf:
Moderately needed due to nubs in mp10 pubs... There will be big backlash against this because moderately geared players will now have a moderate challenge on the most difficult challenge, where well geared players will have no challenge.
-Quick Question: Have you considered locking people out of games, ie: in order to do an inferno mp1 game you must kill Diablo Mp 0, etc to mp10?
That way ^, a monster health nerf won't be required and people who prefer a challenge will still be able to find one. Granted I'm not at that gear level yet, I do however read the forums enough to know that there are those who are geared enough to need more challenge already.
I also know that there are discussions in the office of adding additional mp levels, which may suffice yet the detriment in the mean time could deter those players return.

Identify All:
Much needed at launch, good addition & much appreciated.

Combat Alerts:
Much needed at launch, good addition & much appreciated. I'm most excited for this one for some reason, maybe it's because of the nostalgia of the few weeks post release when I played public games, someone would type 'e' or 'gob' and I would always take the wrong flag.

Players Near You:
Much needed, good addition & much appreciated. I want to tell a story here, so bare with me quickly. -----When I first got Diablo 3 I had many other friends who also played, but because it was the first video game I'd gotten in years I didn't know who all would be playing. I wound up finding some people I used to play D2 with on facebook and asked them if they were playing D3, just people from Middle/ High School and the coffee shop I frequent, but by the time I found someone they had already put the game down, friend after friend after friend I found who posted of excitement and anticipation on their facebook on launch day, I'd ask them maybe even only a month post launch and they'd say, "I'll be back for pvp." --------Everyone I'm friends with on battlenet on the rare occasion they come online, they play SC2 or WOW, few, very few of my Battlenet friends list play D3 ever, and none of my real life friends play D3 anymore.
-Therefore this addition is very much appreciated because I have felt so alone in the world of D3. I don't want D3 to make real life friends for me, but knowing that I'm playing with an American and not a Korean botter, or especially knowing that I'm playing with someone else from the derby city.

Private Chat:
Much needed at launch. A lack of a sense of community/ competition is compromising the longevity of this game. There are several good first steps in this journal, and those are critical but the next steps are more critical. I hope to hear in the near future that you're working on the competition issue.

A good patch which should have been implemented at launch along with brawling, however I will probably spend more time on Diablo when this patch goes live. Until then I am still sufficiently bored an aggravated with this antisocial video, unrewarding, currency sink of a video game.
Very happy for the pvp tag for pub games. One concern I have is that any one interested in playing pvp does not really care what act or quest mp they go to, I hope the match making system takes this into account some how to avoid a sitiuation where several people are looking for pvp but in different quest/mp and dont find one another.
"The tags going onto PTR are Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, and PvP. Selecting one will tell the matchmaking server to place you in a group with other players who have selected the same tag as you."

This does not seem like nearly enough tags and tags could greatly lend to people not running different directions. I know it still has to go through the PTR.

It just seems like Farming items vs farming EXP is needed, Ubers.

Honestly why don't we have 16 or 24 letters to create our own game names. Tags are just a step closer to where we were in D2 (naming our games) and it's like you just don't want to say "hey you know that actually worked when you wanted to join a game for a specific purpose"

Also I am glad to see more EXP for multiplayer but why not more gold or items? I mean you want to give people a reason to play co-op have it drop 50% or even 100% more gold and see what happens.
Although it was late, but still an awesome changes nonetheless. As many said, these co-op changes should be implemented fews month ago. I guess whether it is creating a new character, especially Hardcore, playing with multiplayer is indeed beneficial now.

Also, I am that guess you guys rather decreases the monsters HP from 70% to 50% than allowing the players to bring their followers into the game.
04/02/2013 05:19 PMPosted by Kilometer
Also, I am that guess you guys rather decreases the monsters HP

Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
Good looking update... you all are listening... thank you for that.

Buuuuuuuuuuut... I won't be back until Itemization and pack density are fixed... this is gunna be awhile... should I check back this fall!?
The itemization patch should be the first thing on there list, knowing that in a couple of months there will be better items is really making me not want to play. I still do but not as much knowing that items will be better later.
Identify all is a good start, but why stop there? Fix some of the other tedious things that don't add to the fun of the game.

Make tomes, potions and gems auto-pickup (with toggle to turn it off) and effected by pickup radius. Great quality of life change for single and multiplier,

Increase base pickup radius for everything that is auto-pickup except health globes. About double the current range would be great.

Make gold drops visible to all players in multiplayer and when one player picks up gold distribute it to the rest of the eligible players appropriately based on each players gold find%.

And for goodness sake, forget this stuff with tagging your public multiplayer games. Just allow players to create/name, browse and join public games just like D2.
One thing I'm concerned about is since I am paragon 100, all I'm really gaining is a measly 40 more magic find and gold find. Is that really incentive enough for me to play with other people all the time?

And what about fortune/enlightenment shrines for paragon 100. They're useless.

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