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these features should have been in the game at release, but good changes nonetheless. Thing that makes me sad is the game still isn't worth playing because it's a loot finding game where you don't actually find loot. LOL
Sounds great i look forward to play reasonable public games . Thank you .
The tags going onto PTR are Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, and PvP.

How about farming? Doesn't 90% (self made stat) of the inferno population farm and not the 4 mentioned above?

How abut Uber for act 1?
The tags going onto PTR are Questing, Full Act Clear, Keywarden, and PvP.

How about farming? Doesn't 90% (self made stat) of the inferno population farm and not the 4 mentioned above?

How abut Uber for act 1?

You really want to do UBERs from matchmaking? Really?
Any plans on developer journal for real PVP???

Do you have new ideas on future PVP after delay?? I hope this patch after itemization.
I'm honestly glad to see my faith in blizzard hasnt been let down. Continue improving the game guys! you are headed in the right direction ill be back when itemization comes out and im sure a lot of the player base that quit (myself included) will return when game is fully polished to blizzard standards! looking forward to an announcement for expansion material after 1.09/.1 is released? (bring back the shapeshifter or the necro please)
Thanks, looks neat! Several questions (and some ideas):

1. What about tags such as "leveling", "boss run" or "item hunt"? (The last one would be viable only if you increase drop rates of certain items for specific enemies/areas; eg. make it more probable for Skeleton King to drop Leoric's Crown or Signet, or to find the Messerschmidt's Reaver somewhere in the Cathedral.)

2. Are there any plans at all to introduce not only general tagging and matchmaking, but also an option to name games and browse through the open sessions? Custom names such as "Alk Run (tag: Leveling)", "Cemetery-Woods-Whimsy (tag: "Elites") or "Cynadea-Rakanoth (tag: Boss Run)" would be very informative.

3. Is it remotely possible to add feature such as limiting party size or party lock? Say, I know I can take 3 players game, but I'm not really fond of full party. It'd be cool to be able to limit the party size to 2 or 3 players before making game session public, or to close a game session preventing additional players from joining in.

4. Will we be able to check the tags and MP level, as well as quest, act and mode, on friend lists?

5. MP is set, but quests advance and goals change. Will a player/party leader be able to change the tag without having to restart the game? Maybe not anywhere, but eg. from the town?

6. Is there even a slightest chance to include, solely as an option, shared item drops? It'd be nice for friendly games, such as leveling a new character with help from a 60th level hero who finds tons of rares and legendaries.
Currently it's hard enough to join an existing multiplayer game for most Inferno quests with a monster power selection.

Now that you're adding a preferred mode to further thin out existing games, can you allow us to auto-join a game with the closest monster power available?
I have to admit this is good change. But I think it's long overdue.

Back when I have my real life friends playing the game, multiplay is a disaster. We just group up and die (I remember it's like 4.3x helth monster with damage buffed in group of 4).

Now I've 0 real life friends playing, and you introduce this... I will be forced to play public game with stangers, which is not the way I want to play but the way I have to. What about balancing both single and multi you talk about all the time before?

What I don't understand is, why don't you launch with these numbers?
I mean it's just numbers right? We don't even need those ID-all, density, etc..
It's not like something that will took a year to code.
Very good news! I like everything I've read so far ^.^
04/02/2013 05:34 PMPosted by XkillabeeX
The itemization patch should be the first thing on there list, knowing that in a couple of months there will be better items is really making me not want to play. I still do but not as much knowing that items will be better later.

I doubt the items will be BETTER... they will be AS powerful as what you can find... I'd say DIFFERENT... is a better word... play away!
Nice changes though incremental at best. Still has a LONG way to go.
give me my follower. i want 8 active puzzle rings in a farming game or to keep my hellfire/leoric combo on a follower active so that the bonus exp is worth the extra time to carry randos.
We need tags like: Run fo experience | run for items | elite farm (essence) etc. etc.
We dont need "act clear" :c
I agree with Forti above. ^

I personally don't want to join a game tagged " Full act clear " when i want to just do my normal act 3 'heart of sin' run, Rinse and repeat. I don't want to run the full act, just to get to where i WOULD like to start straight away.

Likewise with other starting points in acts that are the more famous farming routes that people like.

Just my two cent's

Keep up the great work though Blizz!
great changes for co-op I really like the addition of elite and goblin alerts for parties as well as the reduction of monster hp in co-op. I prefer solo right now but that may change.

I just wish I could have my follower!

Looking forward to the PTR.

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