New Developer Journal: Multiplayer Improvements

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when will you guys understand this?!

Blizzard WILL NOT make Diablo 3 a great game. Can't you see that it's not in the best interest of Blizzard to make Diablo 3 good?

If Blizzard makes Diablo 3 a great game (Like Diablo 2), WoW players will move to Diablo 3 and they will lose the monthly-paying players of WoW.

Blizzard # 1 goal is to retain WoW players.

It breaks my heart to say this, but say good bye to Diablo 3 franchise. The only way for Diablo to be good again is if they make it pay-to-play.

I advise you to quit and Play Path of Exile which is VERY similar to Diablo 2 and 1000 times better than Diablo 3 and guess what!! it's totally free!!!
Softcore is bad...

~!~Hardcore is the way to go these days~!~

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