Who says WD can't MP10....

Witch Doctor

This !@#$ is fun! hahahah
new video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=awBipHasGpU
Dem pulls man!

I'm going to see what I can handle.
The !@#$?! Just stand there in molten explosion... oh and 100 enemies.

I've always liked Fields of Slaughter for ignorant stuff like that. Once you get a large enough pull going, Sacrifice and CoL will clear everything in an impressive hurry.
Bro, we get it, you lift. It's cool.

Nice videos!
I like your style.
I give you props for what you do. Nice job.
Thanks for the support guys! It means a lot!
It's Ptbrulz and his Amazing HAMMER of Ultimate Justice!!!!

Luv ya!!!!
Locust Swarm is so under-rated. It's the only reason I got the helm I have. I logged out with a "test" build, but it's one of the spells I use as well.
I might do a write up on what I like to call Spirit "Bear"rage.

If you like slinging souls instead of jars and have full MP 10 capabilities, check out my gear/spec. Works like a charm, and if ptbrulz doesn't mind, I can add a video to this thread or stream when I get home tonight.
I <3 WD! :)
You make speedy Gonzalez look like some regular Gonzalez.
wow wow... cool man

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