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nice cold monk. I would keep crafting bracers and shoulders. 8/10
I see you're stacking cold resis with all resis which is great, you're still missing a piece or two you should look for that has both! Everything else seems to be good, i'd look for a new chest piece though. Inna's or something.

Alright, I just started playing again (haven't played since the game first came out) and so i re-geared and looking at all these other monks I don't really see anyone spec'd like me :( I know my build works wonders but i'm wondering if it isn't very good now? I grew up learning Life on Hit was much needed as well as stacking res for monks. Rate me please, and give me some pointers (:
Haha woops @Sheldor, I took too long to respond.

Nice build bro! 9.5/10

I appears you are just starting out with your Monk so it's too early to give a full critique. You have a lot of blueprints above you to work off of, that's for sure. =)


I'm confused as to what this means haha. I could use tips on what I should be looking for on gear and what I need to get rid of!
@Controlled; Your Crit chance is almost non- existence. I would advice you work on that first.
@ venveng - You could go for more crit damage, but it would be expensive. Gems could be upgraded as well. That WKL is very nice, i wish the one i found was that good.

Didn't mean to confuse. It's tough because I don't know who has the $$ to spend on gear and who just wants to use what they find, etc.

Your overall approach should be a combination of AS + CC + CD + Dex + Resist + Vit, etc... Your poison stacking is good, but your gear is all wrong for everything else. The only thing I would keep is your chest piece for the time being.

Get a game plan... I want to be 40% CC and 500% CD, 800 resist all (with OwE for example), and have 45K life... and then figure out how to get there.

You can craft pieces right to get some CD and CC... It's a long battle and I'm constantly trying to upgrade pieces as I can afford it.

Nice poison monk, I can relate. You will have to give up something to get more resists so you can lose Time of Need.


Crystal Fist is nice but you will have to spring up for an EF with LS, it will make your WKL so much better and will be huge boost for your healing.
@aleks.. nice tanky type build..loving that WKL

Decent poison monk set up. An upgrade suggestion I can make to you though, is to find a better main hand. There are 1k+ dps 1hs with crit damage, life steal, and open socket for decent prices (under 50M).

Also, you can probably do some regearing to optimize your damage output eventually (nice witching hour, mempo, etc.) 7/10.


Excellent dps. Could see spike damage being a slight problem for you though due to the lower eHP. Still a great looking monk! 8/10.

And to those looking at my monk, I've just recently begun playing around with my monk again after using my DH 8 months, haha. So please don't be too harsh.

Love alot of your gear and your build is really cool. 9/10
looks good silent-- im not good at this but, maybe 100 more resist?

not sure what can be done for more dps as im stuck myself 8/10

The only thing holding you back from higher dps is just a bit of regearing, although it will be very costly to do so. A total potential of 27% attack speed and up to 50% crit damage is missing from witching hour, mempo with crit, and a nicely rolled inna's pants.

Edit: Also, a suggestion would be to start looking into life steal on your weapons. LoH is decent, but life steal should be your priority as you increase in dps.

For the budget that you're on though, you are doing decent. Nice work.
@Xenophis, thanks man..slowly working on my ehp with crafting shoulders/bracers..any other suggestions? i dont mind losing a few dps for some more ehp..i do have a cpl spare ammys, btw nice monk you have there..rare to see a monk with sword/board combo nowadays..looks sexy.

Any suggestions for gearing upgrades for me? I have a nice ring I use when I don't have hellfire which gets me to about 160k dps and a bit more life.

Any advice for getting my DPS higher without sacrificing my Spirit regen? right now im at 13.75 p/s and 59k dps
@JiiJii craft some dang bracers until you land one with some decent crit chance (hopefully > 4) and hope for some vit and AR!

Yeah.. 9.9/10 on the absolute scale. Need a 6 crit 9 apsd memo :D

Get yourself another EF with 1% more crit and WKL with 1% more lighting damage then your golden!!

9.9/10 missing that 1%

Damn you punisher for beating me to it.

8.9/10 for Faster keyboard Fu! ...and craft more bracers for that 2% CC =P

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