Which Is Your Favorite Change Coming in Patch 1.0.8?

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all of it pretty much only thing i would like to see maybe have those purple named mobs idk proper name lol give nv and this would be a legit patch :D
the version number. it brings us one step closer to a itemization fix. or the addon. or a ladder. or skillpoints. or anything that makes me play the game again for more than 10 minutes.
ID All will be great and Monster Density will improve the game a lot. Thanks.
Is 1.0.8 coming out?
Definitely monster density. Too bad they aren't doing act 3 also. If I could have it my way the whole game would have so many monsters you would have to kill just to be able to move. Now I just wish they would add better synergies to the non barb classes so I could go back to playing a witch doctor or wizard. Oh and definitely want to be able to remove white and blue item drops. Who picks up a white after the first 5 minutes of the game????
I love this one: "The cooldown incurred by changing skills outside of town on Inferno difficulty has been reduced to 30 seconds (down from 60 seconds)"

That is so what I always wished for! I'm swooning with extasy. Cooldowns on skill changes are my number one passion in life. I mean, where would this universe be without them? They make so much sense! Brilliant!
Scrolled quickly through didn't see anyone hit on this one: THE FRIEND BROADCAST!!! /F M FTW Can even communicate with my WoW friends without having to whisper? YES PLEASE.
The biggest and best change in 1.0.8 in my opinion? We will be 1 patch closer to the itemization patch. Yay!

When is single player going to never lag?
Why do I and many others get disconnected from their own single player game?
Why do I and many others get disconnected from public games we created?
Is customer satisfaction ever going to be worth more than a profit? Buy some localized servers already.
Monster Density, by far
My favorite change is the health reduction of monsters in multiplayer games. My friend and I are not interested in bonus xp (even if we are not lvl 100) and 10% mf is just negligible. Health reduction however will allow us to play at a higher mp level which provide more substantial rewards.

Monster density is really great too, but multiplayer improvements are more important to me. And of course ID all is a great quality of life change (as well as multiple crafting).
Definitely Multiplayer Co-Op
Well monster density and identify all are nice. But I have a question regarding something I may or may not have experienced in the Cathedral. Upon my first and third playthrough in the Cathedral, I saw certain areas of the map I have never seen before. It was subtle, and I can really only recollect 2 areas that I feel haven't been there previously. Did you or did you not make minor adjustments to the variation of the Cathedral? If you did, that is mega awesome, if you did not, well, I guess I am just crazy.
ok .. demonhunted is still demonhunted... well.. time to forget dh exists and play my hc monk
REALLY looking forward to that long-awaited, vastly anticipated, Demon Hunter buff! Ohh, wait.....
1. Monster density (needs abit more tuning though)
2. Multiplayer EXP/MF/GF increases
3. Identify all
4. Action/party icons
5. Wizard teleport fix
Density changes and THE INCREASED BUFFS LIMIT. :)
love all these ^^^ but still needs a lot of work to even compare to d2! just take d2 and copy everything u can do there and improve on that! really love to see runes and rune words

Pretty much agree with all of the above.

I don't understand why they talk about itemization, and then do absolutely nothing to address it in this patch.

But, as anyone that's played any Blizzard game can tell you, pretty much everything we say goes in one eyeball and out of the other in terms of actually getting our feedback addressed. They'll make whatever changes they damn well feel like, but they'll definitely make it seem as if the "community" dictated the direction of those changes.

Give me a break.

Yes, because when someone talks about something, IT HAS TO BE COMING THE NEXT WEEK otherwise it's just wasted time, right?

AH Tooltip Comparisons, id all, multiplayer improvements !!! nice patch

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