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I didn't know if there was a place for this so I figured I'd start here. I stopped playing D2 for D3 and now I wanna go back to relive some D2 and my accounts are gone :(

Is there any way to regain them if the username hasn't been claimed?

Diablo II accounts will expire after 90 days of inactivity. That means if someone comes along and tried to use the same name for a new account, they'll be able to rendering yours unusable. We also do periodic maintenance on the servers to remove expired accounts from time to time and if that happens, the account will have been purged.

Rather than deal with this in here, it's best if you post over in the Legacy Technical Support forum located here: http://forums.battle.net/board.html?forumId=12014&sid=3000

You'll need a Diablo II cdkey and a working legacy account (make a new one if necessary). Post the account names and the realms they're on and if possible, a character name or two so I can cross check them for you. They still may be there.
Thanks Omrakos

Heres the legacy thread: http://forums.battle.net/thread.html?topicId=27854965238&postId=278524685287&sid=3000#0
Hi there...Maybe you can help me :) I have a legacy account and all my D2 into attached to my b.net account. My D2 account name was - honeydutch & some of the characters names were Phx, Medic, Phixed. Any way to open this account back up if it has not been purged?


I don't see that account on the classic D2 realms and some of the character names are in use on other accounts. Please make sure to log in to classic accounts every 90 days or they will become inactive and are then in danger or being purged. Once that happens, there's nothing left to recover.

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Sorry its a D2:LoD account :)

For legacy game accounts, there's no difference when it comes to the game used so the info Jurannok provided is still correct.

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Well then thanks for checking anyways, Good day to you sir :)
hello Omrakos,

i was wondering if my account is still there, because it says the password is wrong but i'm almost totally sure that it should not be wrong. could you check if my account is still there?

realm: europe
account-name: ulm
account-type: lord of destruction
some character names should be: shalunah, shilayah, ophelia.

bekkar ,

I see you just re-made the account today. Being able to do so meant the previous account had expired or no longer existed. It looks like the characters you listed expired back in 2012.

For any further assistance with our legacy games, please use this forum: http://us.battle.net/en/forum/12790219/

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