Help me get to the next level!

I've been saving up gold and I want to make major upgrades to my monk, but I'm not sure where the biggest bang for my buck would be. Could anyone check out my gear please and tell me where my I could have the biggest upgrades?

My current goals:
200k dps
600+ all res
50k life (or as close as possible)
a bit more armor

I know I can get to the resist marker fairly easy with getting poison res on gloves and bracers, just waiting for a good crafted pair to roll.

Thanks for any and all help!!!!
Get a better ammy the 9 to damage really doesn't do much in way of dps and get better weapons this should give you a big dps boost life is really low look for innas pants with more vit as well as more vit on shoulders should be a good start to the 200k road

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