0Dog Sac Question

Witch Doctor
How does Attack Speed play a role in this build? The animation for the dog's being summoned?
AS is huge in this build - one of the only builds where AS counts for a Doc. AS means Summon Dogs happens at speed, allowing you to sac, deal damage and gain life before the sh!t hits the fan. Go seek out a few of the top 0Dog players - AS is a cornerstone to the build.
As they say, the "more the better"

I've been below 2, at 2, 2.2ish, and now 2.4, and there was a marked improvement each time.
I'm between 2.3 and 2.4. Seems to be the sweet spot.
ive been at 1.5 and then to 2 and HOLYSHYT big difference. Also throw in pick up radius and extra health globes!!! Att speed alone wont solve your deaths. Alot of work to put in and not cheap by any means.

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