Error 10017: Error when creating the game?

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My friend is having this issue as well, I tried logging into his account and got the same error that he was getting. Logging into my own account works. This problem is server side.
I feel bad for everyone reinstalling, this problem is on blizzards side. :(
04/09/2013 06:40 PMPosted by Omrakos
Before reinstalling, try deleting the following folder, \Diablo III\Data_D3\PC\MPQs\Cache, then run the repair tool in the launcher. You access that under the Help tab across the top of the launcher. It can take a while to run as it rebuilds the deleted info so please be patient and let it finish.

I tried this, still get 10017 starting a game and 3006 switching a character.
im still getting the same error even after the reapir and the game opened in window mode
did the repair tool, reinstalled game and everything, still getting error 10017
and also error 395000
wow i just got up from a nap and this is still going on?

This problem has been happening since the auth issue happened earlier today. It was obviously caused by something on Blizzard's end. It really blows my mind when they fix one problem and are completely oblivious to the (majorly more important) other.

I have been getting this all evening even when getting past the bad login server problems earlier. It started at the same time the login issues surfaced--I was kicked off using the AH, a similar experience to most players.

I haven't been able to create or join a game since.

worth noting is the only major change i made today was installed the PTR, tho I doubt it affects this issue
Atleast you can see the ah and chats. i cant even make it that far without getting the 10017 error and dc
I bought two equipments from action house, than I can not paly my game anymore- it says:there was an error creating your own party error10017!
sigh, hope this gets fixed soon, came back from work to find that this game has multiple problems when I looged on for 5minutes :(
i meant that that was what i was doing when the server issues surfaced, but still what's the use? i am a returning player with little gold, the AH is useless to me. also the chats are full of surly characters.

not being able to actually play the game is pretty much bald regardless of if i can stare at my character longingly or not
Yea ah prices have gone thru the roof and the game drop rates and the rolls suck. gotta play the game 24/7 to get anywhere.
Error 33 this afternoon, went out to dinner, error 10017 when I get back. Day off down the crapper.
Based on EZWinner's added information, I'd have to now suggest submitting a support ticket and asking a representative to please "hijack" the account to confirm it's an account issue. That's not something I can do in the forums as we need to confirm account ownership and get permission once you've changed the password. The Billing and Account representatives will work with you for that.

This article will lead you through the process of submitting a support ticket or calling in.
i had almost forgotten how long the actual install process takes. gonna go write a book.
Yes so Ive tried everthing suggested by Blizzard and nothing works.. ( sigh ). What a waste of my time. I hope this gets fixed soon.
well im going to bed. this sucks. we shall see if its fixed tomo....

i really can't believe this is still being treated like an individual support issue

getting a blizzard rep to check my account (by logging into it) to see if it's actually broken also sounds really unprofessional somehow.
Reinstall, submit ticket, delete this or that... sounds like Blizzard wants me to go and play some Skyrim!
My day has gone down to the pooper scooper :(
my boyfriend can create games on his account while using my computer, however i cannot on my own account

on his computer, he can make games on his account and i cannot make them on my account

also i can't switch heroes in addition to join/create games

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