It's amazing what ping will do

So I'm at my brothers house who lives in mountains of Ca a couple hundred miles from blizz and getting like 60 pings. usually ring up 20s at home. I can usually lock diablo down without spawning his clones even, not tonight. Clones came out a couple time. Sigh.
I wish I have that kind of ping.
Welcome back.
now try 200+ ping. :\
There is definitely a hell of a difference in lockdown with low ping. A couple weeks ago lightning must have struck the line as I was running in the 30-60 range and the lockdown felt like a Frenzy shrine. My usual is in the 150-200, so it was insane. I don't knof if my eyes could even catch up to 20 ping!
As I've said before, even with 75cc (when I play with Nat's set and deep freeze), 2.73bp, and evocation, I can't permafreeze like Aimless can in his videos. And my ping isn't even bad, it's usually around 110-120ms.
My ping fluctuates heavily so I get to see both sides and it definitely makes a difference

Aim, this is why some of us would give you this face, -.- when you said you could do perfect lockdown at 2.73 with 55cc lol
now go play on 360 ping and tell only dumb people stack vitality.
Inna's with Flawless Square Amethyst is the only option for many of us. I am still shopping for the best buy out there, but there has been a recent run on the really good ones.
gee aimless if only ppl had been tellin u ping makes a big difference
04/12/2013 08:53 AMPosted by SteelPhantom
gee aimless if only ppl had been tellin u ping makes a big difference

lol....spit out some soda.
04/12/2013 02:11 AMPosted by Liquid
now try 200+ ping. :\


That's why I quit SNS.
I can't stand playing it with 250+ ms. Just terrible.
Where are the servers? I average 40-50 from San Diego.
Servers are probably in Irvine... Where else, haha.
Try it all the way from Massachusetts... you should have seen Booz's reactions to my old SNS multiplier Ghom tests compared with his. It was literally shocking... (aspect?) bad joke. But seriously ping has a giant effect on eDPS and also overall gameplay.
I think we should all plan a road trip to aimless's house and we can have a good old time
I'm used to being at around 30-ish toping out at 50 but lately i've been having problems with my router and it's been fluctuating like hell and this is my experience when it comes to ping:

Up to 50 I don't really notice much difference in general game play, ubers maybe yeah, but I hardly ever do them anyways. Up to 75-80 is playable without any problems, maybe some stuttering in your APOC returns but nothing really problematic. 100-150 the frustration levels starts to increase, APOC gets really stuttery aswell as loh returns, I start to die a lot more. 150-200 I need to REALLY REALLY want to play some D3 for it to be worth it, lots more deaths. Anything above 200 I consider completely unplayable.

When i first bought D3 I was wondering why ppl were !@#$%ing about the "online single player bull^-*!" thing, I mean everyone has good internet connection these days, right? After the last couple of weeks i totally understand it. Not sure how big an effect it has on other classes/builds but if you haven't played CM/WW at <50 ping you haven't properly played CM/WW tbh, that's how big a difference it is imo.

I really feel for all of you high pingers out there and I so hope to god it really is my modem/router that's the problem so I can play D3 properly again this weekend.
I'm always at about 110. I always wonder if i could, or should, try one of those ISP tunneling programs. Whatever they are. I'm not too big into such things.

I don't have much to complain about compared to others,....but still - ping in Aimless's territory has got to be sweet. Even <100.
04/12/2013 11:27 AMPosted by PieHole
I'm always at about 110. I always wonder if i could, or should, try one of those ISP tunneling programs. Whatever they are. I'm not too big into such things.

Hole, I'd be careful with those. Uses 3rd party software to increase the frequency of queries to the server. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong, it happens a lot.)

110 isn't that bad, I'm usually around there or a little less. To me, ping is most noticeable on DH.

Me: No, you stupid game, I hit smokescreen BEFORE that fireball hit me, I'd bet my %#@& on it!!!!! RAWR!! GG UNINSTALL!!
Apparently, connects to AT&T exclusively. My path from verizon/fios enters the AT&T network somewhere in Kansas. My latency jumps from less than 20ms to around 90ms on that one hop. From googling around a bit, it seems that is the case for just about the entire east coast on verizon/fios.

I am very skeptical about latency/tunneling software. I can imagine scenarios where it could be made to work, but in general I think it's snake-oil.

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