Bear Proc Doctor Build 1.07

Witch Doctor
Build Overview

This build originated from my idea that I should “bring the pain” to the enemy in the same manner they brought it to me, namely by freezing, stunning, blinding, slowing, immobilizing, and chilling them. These elemental attacks are collectively called “crowd control effects” or in a more shortened manner “procs” - for the hit that causes the elemental effect. So the short name of this build is Proc Doctor instead of Crowd Control Doctor etc.

This is not by any means an original build. It is however my “spin” on the build. Thanks to all the other authors in the Index to WD Builds and Guides for the work they did.

Questions and Answers

So are you freezing the whole screen like a CM Wiz?

No. WD Proc effects are more isolated, and the chance to hit a group of monsters is calculated for each monster. So AC (acid cloud) thrown on a group of say 10 monsters may only proc on one monster.

So what is it good for?

On MP8 I was able to keep SiegeBreaker procced 90-95% of the time. If they are procced, they can’t attack you or throw other nasty stuff at you. His reflect damage still hits you, but nothing stops that.

Is the build viable through all MPs?

Yes and no. The build really shines through MP8. In MP9 it becomes less effective, and finally in MP10 it becomes more uncertain as to maintaining a “proc’ on an elite. I think the difficulty of the build in higher MPs is more a function of difficulty factors in the MPs themselves and not an inherent problem of the build. Many skills seem to be harder to use in high MP and apparently proccing falls in this category.

The Build!cYa!bcZcZa

Left Mouse – Rain of Toads – Our number one proc skill. Due to its low mana cost it can be spammed and it has one of the highest proc rates of any WD skill. Can be cast over walls and it is an area of effect spell.

Right Mouse – Bears. Why this skill? Because this is our high damage, in your face skill. When a pack of 30 monsters is trying to kill you, nothing like some bears to clear up any misunderstanding. AC kills to slow on high MP to keep monster packs from running you over.

Key 1 – AC/Lob Blob – AC (acid cloud) because it is the second best proccing skill WD’s have. Lob Blob rune because it is the only AC rune that can be spammed. You can spam Lob Blob three times and have up to three blobs on the ground at one time. This is our boss/elite ranged killing/proccing skill. Also good for proccing life on hit.

Key 2 – Soul Harvest – Vengeful Spirit rune. Provides burst damage.

Key 3 –Zombie Dogs – Life Link rune. Dogs take 10% of your damage. What’s not to like? Dogs are used instead of Garg because dogs last as long as Garg and reduce damage to you. Can be replaced in higher MPs with Hex for killing bosses/elites.

Key 4 – Spirit Walk – Your pick as to the rune. I usually use Jaunt or Honored Guest.

Passive Skills

Jungle Fortitude – 15% damage reduction for you and your pets. The dogs stay alive longer and eat 10% of your damage. Win-win.

Gruesome Feast – Provides burst damage and mana boost from health globes. It would be nice if you have some pickup radius on your gear to snag health globes faster, but it is not required. If you are feeling a little bit squishy, you can sub Bad Medicine here, as all attacks are poison based.

Blood Ritual or Spiritual Attunement or VQ – At least one mana boosting skill is needed for AC spam and bear throwing.

Gearing – General

It is recommended that all builds use the Zuni set. Most zuni pieces are pretty nice but the 20 mana per second can’t be beat.

What weapon will work best?

You can use this build with 1H + mojo or 2H, it’s entirely up to you. You should already be using a life steal (LS) or life on hit (LoH) weapon, or have sufficient LoH on other gear to keep you alive. If you have no life sustainment on your weapon, I suggest you invest in 400-1000 LoH to proc life from AC and RoT.

Procs Explained

There are three main procs: freeze, stun, and blind. If one of these main procs is in effect, other procs do not replace it (so only one proc is taking effect at a time). All other procs, I consider to be secondary procs and they are immobilize, chill, slow, fear, and knockback. Secondary procs can be replaced by one of the main procs.

I do not recommend fear and knockback for a proc doctor. Fear is not wanted for groups of monsters, as we want them clumped together to hit them with AC and bears.

Knockback is just plain worthless because when a character uses it, it just moves a monster backward, it does not stun them. Also most elites and bosses appear to be immune to knockback. Experiment with a Windforce bow if you want to see how knockback works.

I also do not recommend slow and chill be used on the same character because they seem to cancel each other out.

Procs Available from Gear – At low MPs a player can do a certain amount of selecting higher proc rate items over DPS items as procs are stronger at lower MP levels. However as one climbs the MP ladder, procs will have to be reduced on gear in favor of DPS.

*** Note before spending a lot of money on proc gear, you should buy cheap rare items with whatever proc you think you would like and test it on an MP where you will not get beat up to badly. See if you like how the proc works before investing a lot of money in proc gear. Also be aware that in MP9 and MP10 your procs will not be as effective, and you will probably opt to replace some of it for higher DPS gear. ***

Specific Gear Recommendations. Note that around a 12%-15% total proc rate is usually sufficient to hold one elite/boss under proc effects up to MP8. All gear pieces except mojos can have as high as 5.1 % proc effect. So to get to 12% or more proc rate you need at least 3 gear pieces that have proc effects.

Gloves – Stun. Usually a rare is best. Very difficult to get from an Archon/BoA craft.

Belt – Freeze. Witching Hour belts with freeze are recommended. All other belts can roll freeze but usually DPS takes a big hit when another belt is chosen.

Amulet – Blind. Very difficult to find a high DPS amulet with blind. Very hard to craft.

Boots – Immobilize. Can be found on Zuni boots at a reasonable price.

Shoulders – Chill. Vile Wards with chill are recommended. Very difficult to craft. Do not use with slow.

Pants – Slow. Can be found on Balckthorne’s Jousting Mail, Inna’s, or rare pants at a reasonable price. Do not use with chill.

Mojos – Can have all of the proc effects depending on which type of mojo you choose (except Manajuma’s as they come standard with fear). Mojos max out proc rate at 2.6%. When shopping for a mojo with proc effects, do yourself a favor and buy one with high DPS.

I recommend you stick to the main procs when possible and then use secondary procs to fill out your proc gear up to the 12% - 15% level. Remember to include some life on hit gear in your build (if you don’t have sufficient life steal) as AC and RoT are our best skills for proccing life on hit.

Follower Specs

I use the Enchantress with a Maximus that has the stun proc. She also has a blind amy. The Maximus also quite frequently summons a tanky demon that fights for you.

Some people have also had success with a Scoundrel and a Buriza xbow. Maybe he conflicts with character procs because I was never too impressed with how little he could proc a 15% freeze xbow that had a 50% chance to pierce on MP8. I also saw another WD use him on MP10 and I was equally unimpressed with how little he procs. Other people say they are very happy with him. So there is definitely something going on here.

I have also used the Templar with an Azurewrath 14% freeze sword. He can do some freezing with it, and since he is a melee character, it can help keep him alive.

Anyway, choose the follower you have the most fun with and that can add the most to the chaos.

Play Style
– (this is what I do, feel free to be different)

On approaching a pack of monsters use AC (3 casts give you 3 lob blobs which is the most you can have at 1 time) run into pack and use Soul Harvest. Bears, bears, bears until low on mana. Clean up stragglers with RoT or use RoT when low on mana, then start cycle over.

When attacking nasty elite packs that are wallers, lasers, freeze, or reflect damage; attack from range with 3 AC/Lob Blobs. RoT them, when they close on you SH them and bear them.

Retreat from pack (use Spirit Walk to escape if needed) grab health globes for Gruesome Feast mana reclamation and burst damage. Rinse and repeat above or do whatever the situation warrants.

When attacking one boss or elites without nasty affixes, AC them, and hold under continuous RoT. Give them more AC as needed. SH them and bear them as the opportunity presents itself. If using Hex, use that whenever possible.

For reflect mobs try to isolate one monster instead of Bearing the whole pack at once (ouch!). Use AC more if your health is being knocked down. Use Spirit Walk and snargle a potion to get your health back. Grab health globes to activate GF. Once a couple of monsters are dead, bear the rest into oblivion.

If using dogs, make sure you always keep your dogs up! Recast as often as necessary as they eat damage for you.

-------------------------Further suggested reading---------------
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------------------------Acknowledgements ----------------------------
Special thanks to all WDs that have corrected me and helped me become a better player.
Manvan, Ofgortens, Eddardstark, Brahms, Soundb, Blackjack, BigRed, SayGa, and to all the other WDs that helped and that I haven’t specifically named. Many of these players have left the game, I hope wherever they have gone they are continuing to help others and enjoy whatever new pastimes they’ve found.
Manvan -- This one's for you.
nice read, good guide, looks fun,,i may play somthing similar on my baby wd

edit-but a lvl 30 variation.
It works well at any MP level. Experiment with it and have fun. If you have questions when you are using the build, post them up.
04/13/2013 05:28 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
Lob Blob rune because it is the only AC rune that can be spammed.

nice guide, just a quick question. what do you mean by the only rune that can be spammed?
All the other AC runes can be spammed, but only the first hit stacks. So cast AC/Acid Rain on top of itself and you get the damage from the first big hit, but the pool damage time is just reset and does not stack.
In contrast, Lob Blobs, can be spammed three times, and then you will have 3 blobs on the ground all doing 250% weapon damage as poison over 5 seconds. So you in effect are stacking 3 acid pools.
ah thanks! didn't know that. Will try blob later...when I can log in again...
Another nice thing about Blobs is that they chase monsters. So if say an elite moves after you AC him, the Blobs will chase him. So spammable, mobile, little acid blobs. Very similar to the ones Ghom can spawn.
04/13/2013 05:28 PMPosted by skywalkerfx
Also be aware that in MP9 and MP10 your procs will not be as effective, and you will probably opt to replace some of it for higher DPS gear.

Nice guide Skywalker. I was quite surprised by this sentence because the cc rules didn't change since patch 1.05. So I took out my old proc gears and went to look for Diablo at MP10. DPS was slightly below 150k, took a huge beating by almost 50k. I went in without my LS Skorn, so total life sustain on me was <650 LoH. The procs were as before, meaning they were just as good. No discount on MP10 for effectiveness. The only reason Diablo wreaks havoc sometimes is because of the stacking of continuous procs which lets him gain resistance and needs time to wear off.

It was a very, very long battle. Probably 20 mins.

Admittedly, I died twice, but not to Diablo but to my own shadow. He's just too OP. On my third attempt, I decided to just avoid my shadow and hide at the other end of the map, since my target was Diablo. During the third appearance of my shadow, he kept following me all over the map, and I had to ignore Diablo and focus all my procs on the shadow. Proving that procs work just as well on shadows.

Long story short, MP10 Diablo cleared with RoT and Acid Rain. One possible factor I can think of regarding your observation is because you changed acid rain to lob blob. Acid rain has far higher proc rate among the runes.

The gear and skill build is shown on my profile. I'll change it for usual game play on MP4 when I next log in, so to avoid confusion I'll list it here also:
Active: RoT, Acid Rain, SW:Jaunt, Garg, Dogs, WoS (meant to fight own shadow, but shadow being too powerful, I had to resort to proc'ing him instead)
Passive: BR, JF, SV.
Gear: Stun glove (3%), Blind amulet (3.3%), Freeze belt (4.5%). Total 10.8%. "Hard" procs only in accordance with my believe about cc rules (that "soft" procs add to monster resistance and do more "harm" by allowing monsters to cast or fight).
04/14/2013 05:08 PMPosted by PaulNg
Gear: Stun glove (3%), Blind amulet (3.3%), Freeze belt (4.5%). Total 10.8%. "Hard" procs only in accordance with my believe about cc rules (that "soft" procs add to monster resistance and do more "harm" by allowing monsters to cast or fight).

Appreciate the comments. Everyone has their different theories on how procs work. I'm going to put my stun gloves back on and throw off my chill shoulders and immobolize boots. That will leave me with 4.8 freeze and 4.6 stun. So I'll see how that goes and report back.

Thanks again for your observations.
Just gave blob a try. Doesn't seem to proc LOH as well as Rain. Rain seems to give you back life even after the initial cast. the duration it remains on the floor seems to proc LOH as well.
Thanks Eremite for your input on the LoH procs. I gave up all my LoH when I switched from Blackthorne's to Inna's. I use the Blobs as a boss/elite killer so I will put a note up in my guide to stick with Rain/Slow Burn if you want to proc LoH.

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