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Same here, input reached something....
Yup, same now on Europe server
Yeah, same here. Also getting "There was an error creating the game. (Error 316704)"
Input limit reached error - South Africa
any blue post?
Its just annoying that the exact same erros keep comming back, a permanent fix seems verry hard to accomplish. well i guess waiting it izz.
Same here .... cant log in
Blue post on the EU forum: They are aware of the issue and are working on it now
Same here and cant log in..
Can't log in. Is this how they celebrate fridays?

Hmm, I am from Europe region, but I tried America - and I can log in without problems.
Its good to know someone cares...I dont know should i tell this, but im orphan I gruw up alone on streets of Baku...Ahhh, those were the days, we wre pickpocketing, stealing...taking evrything we need just for free. If we were hungry we would just get into the bakery taking what we want. As the time passed buy we became stronger, more organized and soon people started bringig to us everything we need without asking. Mostly money, but gold too. Rings, earings....etc. But even when we get to the point to run city, in every one of us orphans, there was empty space in our souls, knowing we wre abondened, unwanted. And i have to say that only here with Blizz i feel that i have family and someone cares!!!
Thank you Blizz!!!!
same here cant login
same here cant login
04/26/2013 10:48 AMPosted by DeaMoN
Blue post on the EU forum: They are aware of the issue and are working on it now

that's what the always do. working on the problems...
why not just get the server system working properly instead of being busy with working on the crashes that happens 10 times in a month..
cant login same error as people have:)
same here-Europe, can't login :(
Input limit reached.

the same thing of limit imput bla bla

so BLIZZARD deleted some posts

it means they read them ....

SO .... WHEN THIS IS SOLVED BLIZZARD ??????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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