Well it has been 9 months...

Witch Doctor
Hoping to get back to Diablo 3 again, and back to leveling my witch doctor. How far do I get with around 100-130m? What's the latest build (that I can afford with my cash pile) that people fancy, or something you would suggest me to head at? Any links/threads and general tips to help me out? :) You could say I have no clue what to do atm haha. Thanks in advance.
Look at the Index to Builds and Guides at the top of the forum. Check out Other Guides for gear ideas. Check the Builds for a build you want to use.

Can't see your character. So go to your character's profile page and copy the entire web address and paste it into your post so people can see your character and help you out further.
Well the character info will be no help, I'm basically starting from ground up. I want to have a basic idea of what I'm building towards when I hit level 60. Do you have any gear/build suggestions? Thanks.
I suggest Skywalkers gear in his profile and build, depends on what your wanting to do. I like bears/cloud with pets myself for farming.

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