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Anyone else having to enter a code for EVERY item posted.... sometimes it gives me a 32124 error and never sends a code - thus not allowing me to post whatsoever.
Same here, annoying as hell. I used to be able to enter my SMS and then be good for posting for at least a few days. But now it's requiring an SMS for each auction I post....and giving the same error periodically.

For the 32124 Error I had to just wait it out for a minute or two, logging in/out or restarting the program completely did nothing to fix it.

I hope this is just another one of the things blizzard will fix amongst all the other issues of the RMAH the completely broke with today's "Maintenance", if I have to put the SMS code in for every item, every single time, it's just gonna be a headache T_T
I see this wasn't resolved with that maintenance lol
is this going to occur indefinitely? this might just be what finally makes me give up on d3
Lets hope the maintenance fix this. It's definitely annoying and sometime downright infuriating, since not all code arrived on my phone. It's unreliable.

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