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Ok, So after a week of error 3007 out of no where I have my thoughts.

1. This happens to Mac Users and PC Users
2. It either disconnects during game or wont log-in (my problem)
3. It effects Multiple ISP's (Mine is AT&T DSL)
4. All Over the World People are randomly having this.
5. I tried logging in on multiple friends WiFi this weekend, here is my suspicion.

I also have DirecTV. This cable provider saps my internet line. How do I know? I tried moving one of the boxes from one room to another, and a phone line was detached. As soon as the phone line was detached, my cable service stopped. (as a side note, I'm 27 and very PC?Mac proficient and don't know much about cable TV, however, I am college educated and have a little common sense)

My friends' houses used over-the-air TV,.. meaning NO internet Zap...
I tried two friends' houses that used DSL also.
They also lived in another city.

Also, the time from when I enter my Password into Diablo 3 until actual "loading characters" is like 25 seconds at my house as apposed to 4 seconds at my friends.

Is this merely an observation or coincidence? I do not know. I just want to troubleshoot this because when I am home, Diablo 3 gives me an error 3007 before I log-in and, I have to wait for my Internet to quit being a punk, before I can log-in, I guess?
If you have DirecTV and moved the DVR to another room, you also need to make sure you didn't disconnect the DECA unit. Without that unit, you cannot get internet access and thus no on-demand.

See for details and a diagram of how your system needs to be set up.

It would help if you provided a traceroute to (you can stop the traceroute after two or three lines of * * * marks) and your system information. Without those we're not going to be able to help you much.

Obtaining and Posting System Information

1) Click on the Apple Menu while holding down the Option key and select System Profiler (10.6.8) / System Information (10.7 and later).

2) Copy the information from the following sections and paste them into your post. Please copy in the following order: Hardware Overview, Graphics, and Software. Do not include any serial numbers, hardware UUIDs, or account/login names or information in your post.

Edit: Just saw your last post in the other thread regarding the DirecTV question. If you are doing any kind of streaming using the DTV's DECA channel, that will impact your ability to play as that takes a lot of bandwidth.

On Demand works by downloading the program from DIRECTV to your DVR via the internet so you need to have your DVR hooked up to the internet via your home network.

Once you have your DVR hooked up to the internet, the simplest way to access on demand programming is go to the on demand channel for the channel that the original program was on. The on demand channel is usually just 1 followed by the regular channel number, so to get the Tudors episodes that originally were on Showtime (ch 545), tune to channel 1545. From there you will see a list of everything that is available for Showtime on demand, and you can choose the episodes that you want downloaded to your DVR.

That's why you're getting internet "zaps". If the DVR is downloading something via the on-demand channel, or any other type of material not fed through the satellite's downstream data feed, it has to come from somewhere, and that somewhere is through your internet connection.

If you use a lot of on-demand or PPV, then you will also eat up a lot of bandwidth going towards your ISP's data cap, whatever that may be. So if you get near to or exceed the cap, the ISP may "throttle" you or cut you off completely, both of which would result in error 3007, as that is a timeout when connecting to's servers.

For best results, do not play online games when downloading any material into your DVRs.

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04/14/2013 02:19 PMPosted by TheTias
It would help if you provided a traceroute to (you can stop the traceroute after two or three lines of * * * marks) and your system information. Without those we're not going to be able to help you much.

One slight correction here Tia.

The #3007 error is generally from an inability to contact the D3 login server on

It's a separate login server than World of Warcraft.

If you have a look in the d3debug.txt file from someone having the issue you'll see a connection being attempted to then it failing a few seconds later. A few seconds translates to many milliseconds later.

@OP Go into your D3 folder and open d3debug.txt. Edit out all references to your email in it. Then post it in a new post here.

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