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Hi guys
I really need help on this one!
Due to a lot of problems with my pc I had to restore the thing and the computer went to as it was when I bought it.
When I installed D3 again it wanted my product key and I could not dial it in because it was already used - on MY computer BEFORE the restore! What do I do here?
Please help me!
stidsen0505 ,

The key isn't needed to install the game. It's only used one time and that's when you attach a game account to a account. You can skip the step where it talks about the key during the installation.
Thanks for fast reply. Everything worked BUT....

now I am facing another problem. When I want to log in (in-game) it constantly says that I have to change my password because my account has been locked.. I have changed my pw 4 times now and it still does not work..
I really hope that someone can help me!

You're encountering a security measure we have. When we see activity from a geographical location different than normally used with the account, we'll temporarily lock the account and issue a password reset to it. It looks like you've not played for quite a while on either the US or EU regions (you use both apparently) so there's nothing for the server to go on possibly. I'm not sure though. I'd open a service ticket and ask for help with this. The Billing and Account representative will be able to better assist than I can in the forum.

This article will lead you through the process.
Yes I haven't played for the last 8 months.
First I started on US and afterwards changed to EU.. I hope this wont be a problem. I just wanted to start playing again :D

When I want to create a ticket it wants me to answer my secret question which I did not make when I created my account long time ago.. Is there a way to create a secret question?
Im really grateful for your help :)

You have to have selected a secret question and provided an answer when the account was made. It's never been optional.

You'll still need to contact us. The support article I linked explains your options for doing that. We can not help with an account issue like this in a public forum.

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