How to be UBER?

Thanks for taking the time to read and hopefully offer some advise....

First off, I have some pretty cool gear but the main drag is my weapons. I was using the Shenlong set (one with a socket) and the balance of Life Steal and Life On Hit worked well, but as the dps was only around 121k, I wanted higher...

I then substituted the LOH weapon with a spear with LS (LS close to 6 at this stage). Dps was great but my life just drained away like rain down a storm drain.

I prefer using 2 weapons because I feel they are easier to tweak... didn't realise the nightmare I would be climbing into though. At the moment I am using a fiend's SKORN and while my dps is now super and the LS is great, the attack speed is not what is used to be. Is this vital?

What are the most critical factors when trying to uber a monk??? Attack speed??? Crit Hit??? Crit Damage???
Contact Blizz and see they can allow you to try playing SK or Siegebreaker for a day. You'll definitely be an UBER then. :P

But beyond that, your Vit is wayyyyyyyyyyyy too low. Your total HP needs to be north of 40K at your DPS level, if not 45K. As the saying go, dead monks have 0 DPS. You are also at an AR level that you can go OWE free, but that might change if you start trying to put vit or life% on more items. Some items that stick out at me as it pertains to ones that might need immediate change:

(1) Inna's pants -- your one random roll is +armor? Not a terribly effective one. If you want to go OWE, pick a resistance and get it closest to 60 as possible. Or if you have lots of gold, go >150 vit or as close to 80 AR as possible.

(2) Chest -- yours has no HP. None. Zilch. Chest is an EHP slot, and it's one of two slots that you can pick up +200 on a single vit roll (and then another +100 in a combo roll) for a total of +300 vit potential. You can go with a rare or Inna's chest for a more traditional way... BT (with associated belt for more vit) or Tal Rasha's for IAS (and make sure you get dex, more vit (or dex/vit) or high life% as some possible random rolls, i think... not much experience with this chest). If you replace it, you'll lose your MS, which you can typically find in boots... which leads to

(3) you may want to swap out these boots for something with MS to make up for missing MS from your Tyrael's chest. Nats boots and ring combination is a popular one amongst monks, but even a rare with dex/vit/res/MS (and maybe armor) isn't a bad idea. Remember that max dex roll on boots is actually 300. Replace the MH ring with a nats ring if that's where you want to go.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

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