Wind and Lightning Time Mage

Well, here's my build. I call it the Wind and Lightning Time Mage. Based off of my struggling Time Mage.

I'm pretty much a casual player so I haven't tweaked or built it to its full potential. So I can only give you generalities. Currently I do MP 0 Act IV runs. I don't go higher because I my DPS isn't high enough for me to go through the higher MP very fast. The elites that give me the most trouble are the ones with (Vortex, Illusion, Knockback). These guys bounce me back and forth from Knockback to Vortex to Knockback like a basketball. I think I've only met Invulnerable once. And if Shielded can be knocked back, then I've never had a problem with them.

I've finished reading the this sticky and I can say that this build is most similar to the Melee Wizard build or the CM/WW build depending on how you play.

First the Time Mage.
The build focuses on the following skills.

*Slow Time (Any)
*Teleport (Any)
*Energy Armor (Force Armor)

****After reading this sticky and much casual playing I'm guessing CM will be an end game skill to have****

Vitality - so far the best Vitality to have is enough Vitality so that every monster from the area you are playing can damage you more that 15% of your life. That is the optimum Vitality. Why? because you are using the mechanic of Energy Armor (Force Armor) combined with Illusion to allow you to teleport safely every time you are hit.
Other stats - The minimum +stat gear is zero. The maximum is whatever you want.

Minimum gear - enough +life/sec gear that heals 35% of your life at a rate that you feel comfortable with. You can replace that with life steal, but life steal is more expensive.

Choose your favorite range spell, set up your Slow Time (preferably Time Shell) and spam them with your range spell. As soon as you are hit. Teleport away. Rinse and repeat.

Get up to them, put up Slow Time (which one depends on your gear) and bash away or put up Slow Time and let them come to you and bash away. Teleport ***BEHIND***them when they hit you once or twice. Rinse and repeat.

Wind and Lightning Time Mage
*Shock Pulse (Living Lightning)
*Energy Twister (Wicked Wind)
*Time Mage skills (Slow Time, Teleport, Energy Armor (Force Armor), Illusionist)

This is a fun build and probably is worse on the button mashing than what CMWW have to do. As far as I can tell this build is a jack of all trades for any given situation

Now, enough with the generalities. Just like everyone else I struggled though the levels trying to find the best skills to use, so I never had a plan for the Time mage and things just came together. So I haven't tested this build in all of its variations. I went with the skills that worked with what I had in my inventory, which was nothing, but good life regen. I built the build because it protected the life regen gear that I was slowly building.

Now, here is the build as it pertains to my character farming Inferno Act 4 runs at MP 0.
At the time I typed this, my gear gives me:
+1659 Int
2250 life per second
+551 all resists
+43.5% Critical hit chance
+362 Vitality
+19 Arcane Power on Critical Hit
4198 Armor
44k Damage
19k life
93 Arcane Power (Energy Armour is always on)
*Shock Pulse (Living Lightning) (Left Mouse Button)
*Teleport (Calamity) (Right Mouse Button)
*Diamond Skin (Crystal Shell) (1)
*Energy Twister (Wicked Wind) (2)
*Energy Armor (Force Armor) (3)
*Slow Time (Any except Perpetuity and Miasma) (4)
*Critical Mass

How I play
I use Living Lightning and my (+43% Critical Chance) gear to fuel my (+19 Acrane Power on Critical) gear. This helps me lay down a blanket of Wicked Winds. I don't have IAS gear. I use Slow Time to keep monsters in my blanket of Wicked Winds and my parade of Living Lightning. Slow Time also protects me melee and ranged attacks. I'm constantly pushing out Living Lighting and Wicked Wind. My Wicked Winds never do yellow damage. My Living Lighting does the criticals. Maybe my Wicked Wind does do criticals, but they never show yellow damage on the screen. So I don't know what's up with them. As soon as something hits me, I teleport to within my own Slow Time bubble (I never leave the bubble area), I recast Slow Time and continue the parade and the blanket.

The life regen gear I have (about 2k life per sec) usually gets me to full health at about 1second after I recast my Slow Time after the teleport. Remember, because of Force Armor, I can never be damaged for more than 35% of my max life at a time. At 16k (I'm at 19k, now. 16k life was the optimum) life, I can only be damaged at the most 5.6k damage per monster hit. This refills in 2 sec. Because of Slow Time, every monster near me will have 20% reduction in monster attack speed so that under most circumstances, I heal between monster swings (elite too).

Teleport (Calamity) knocks back all monsters and they have to restart their attack animation or walk through my blanket of Wicked Winds and my parade of Living Lightning all over again. If they are close enough to attack me, their restart of their attack animation usually allows me to heal to full. Also Teleport (Calamity)/Illusionist/Critical Mass allows me to control the flow of combat. With this combination I can herd any knockbackable monster mob of any kind. If they can't be knocked back, then Teleport (Calamity)/Illusionist/Critical Mass/Force Armor/Diamond Shards) allows me to dance within them and/or around them to lead them to where I want them to go.

Diamond Shards is my panic button. Also, if I want to tank, Critical Mass and Living Lightning fuel my Diamond Shards to stay on continuously, while Illusionist/Teleport (Calamity) allows me to dance around them. Critical Mass with my (Acrance Power on Critical) gear also allows me to put more Wicked Wind down.

For things that don't knock back and can hit me multiple times faster than I can regen, then, if I want to tank them, I teleport behind them. They have to take the time to turn around and face me. This gives me time to regen and lay down wicked winds and forces them to stay in the winds. They hit me, I teleport behind them again.

If they are too dangerous to tank, I let them hit me and teleport away from them to just outside my time bubble, recast my bubble and make them walk through my winds.

Elite packs are no different from the regular mobs, they just have more life and take longer to kill. With Teleport (Calamity), I force them to go where I want them to go and they die in my wind and lightning.

My particular build is weak against Damage Over Time, because that damage doesn't trigger the Illusionist passive. It is weak against elite mobs of over 20. Its is weak against very fast attack speed monsters. This build is especially sensitive to lag and high ego. Sensitivity to lag is pretty obvious. But high ego? the high ego of making all the monsters go where you want them to go, escaping everything, reviving every cross on the screen (while still killing things and protecting other players) will make you get extremely reckless and reckless gets you killed. I've done that a couple of times, only to die to a single grub thing crawling on the ground. Your fingers will get tired. Your play of the game will be the sound of a 90 word a minute novelist under deadline, well at least my games do.

This build combines kiting and tanking. At the same time it is party friendly because the time bubble acts as protection for any player on the screen with you and depending on which bubble you use, you will almost always help other players do more damage. This is the closest you will get to playing like a Diablo2 Sorceress.

One thing to note. While I do use the Critical Mass Passive, the Illusionist Passive is more important for this build and play style.

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