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I can't believe you guys are raging so hard at this.

I find Wyatt's answers to be quite straightforward and honest, especially admitting that the black damage weapons overpoweredness was due to oversights and bugs.

There's probably nothing he could have said that would've satisfied the lot of you.

wrong! He could have said "PTR 1.0.8 comes out next week and will last for one week, PTR1.0.9 will be out at beginning of May and will last one month"
Looks like I should play something else for about a year while they discuss changes.
Travis: Best-in-slot is a subjective term. What is the best for one class or play style isn't necessarily the best for everyone. Currently, itemization has the problem that it is largely supported by a handful of affixes that increase your damage in varying degrees. Because almost all items can very easily be distilled down to their DPS value, it quickly turns into a numbers game. This is a side effect of the fact that there really aren't any items that provide intangible benefits beyond raw damage. It is also an issue because there are no items that can improve your play experience or efficiency other than those that simply increase your character sheet DPS. We have plans to try to create more interesting item choices, and I've talked a bit about what those plans are in my previous blog, if you want to take a look. Will there still be a "best-in-slot" item for a particular build of a particular class? Probably, but that's never really been the problem. There will always be best-in-slot items for specific builds and setups. The problem today is that we have items that are universally best-in-slot, regardless of your class or build. Right now, items that are best-in-slot for a Demon Hunter are probably also best-in-slot for a Monk, and that's one of the big things we're looking to address.

I hope I am wrong but I think you guys are going to fail miserably here. Look at Frostburns.. Hey I got 30% cold damage!! woohoo.. darn I just gave up 50% damage to get it. The fact of the matter is without main stats and the core DPS stats very few are going to care. If something like Frostburns had a main stat IAS and maybe Crit dmg or CC then you'd have something awesome that can begin to compete against trifecta gloves.
Don't even bother with Part 3, you guys are so lame... get something done with the game or stop wasting our time. Most pathetic stuff I've ever read in any forum from a developer :/
"we are considering it" "We haven't finalized anything just yet"
04/08/2013 10:55 AMPosted by Derius
"we are considering it" "We haven't finalized anything just yet"

This is common of any game developer that has been around for awhile. The reason they use this is because the fanbase are totally unreasonable. If the Devs stated what they are working on and then it gets removed later because it wasn't viable then the community would be totally up in arms about it. This is how it always works. Deal with it or find another game.
Looks like our gear just became (legacy) :/
How are these 'answers'? Blizzard hasen't answered anything. Most of their responses are redirections and diversions from the obvious questions that demand an answers.

Why even create these mediums to "answer" your player base if you have no confident and concise resolution to the question and/or problem? WE HAVE BLOODY GIVEN YOU YOUR ANSWERS! WE HAVE TOLD YOU WHAT WE EXPECT! MAKE IT FLIPPIN' HAPPEN!
Add something like open battle.net that lets those players that get their fix from number crunching and testing play on the new version of the game before it comes out with random solutions from the devs.
Apply feedback.
Win Diablo fans back.
04/08/2013 10:57 AMPosted by Sÿlak
Don't forget to make a thread three times a week telling us that. :)

I have played since release and never made a quitting thread a-hole
04/08/2013 10:02 AMPosted by Fizzmopper
We're still discussing everything and can't provide solid answers to any of your questions at this time
Wow, what a pathetic read, I went from having a little hope to no hope, This is pretty bad. I agree with a poster from above, too many overthinkers and over analyzing instead of just doing it.

TLDR: We're still discussing everything and can't provide solid answers to any of your questions at this time.

ROFL DEVS!!!!!!!!!!!!

!@#$tiest answers I`ve ever seen comming from actual developers

no wonder 90% of posters are making fun of you
04/08/2013 10:59 AMPosted by Knoland
Looks like our gear just became (legacy) :/

afk AH'ing Triumvirates

Travis: These were pretty cool, but there haven't been any discussions about adding these effects to the game. On the surface they were great, but they did have their own set of issues.

For example, adding a socket to an item as the result of a one-time quest reward feels really awesome, but over time it starts to become more of a burden instead of a benefit. When you have to level a new character through the entire game just so you can socket the new cool weapon you want to use, the shine starts to wear off really fast.

To be continued in part 3. . .

This response has never made sense to me. How can adding sockets be a burden?? If I wanted to add a socket into a weapon to add a Ruby or Emerald for more damage I should be able too.. It is amazing how many worthless weapons I get that I can't do anything with because it has no sockets in it and it lowers my damage. To me that is more of a burden than being able to add sockets.

Wyatt: We aim to provide players with some sort of global context for the full spectrum of item rarity and power. In a sea of items, we want to emphasize that, at least in this universe, white items, blue items, yellow items, and legendary/set items are increasingly rare relative to one another. White items are currently the baseline, and all other items become rarer and more powerful beyond that.

If we removed white items completely, there might be a tendency to feel like blues are the new baseline. Some of you might think, "Well, that'd be really cool! I want blue items to be the baseline." As developers, we want items to feel increasingly special, so that means some will always be more useful than others. If we just kept removing whatever tier of items is "worse" from the game and moving up the baseline, then there's the risk that all items will become equally valuable, and that kind of homogenization (while totally appropriate for other games) doesn't really fit with what Diablo is all about. That said, it definitely feels like too many white items drop right now and we are already looking at some significant changes to these ratios in the future. We'd rather drop less white items rather than removing them or adding an option to hide them completely, however.

We've also talked about allowing white items to have alternate uses—for crafting, for example, like you noted. It's interesting, though, that some people are excited at the prospect of having white items with purpose, while other folks are almost offended that their end-game characters would want white items. If we were to introduce a system that made white items appealing to pick up, it would need to be something that has wide appeal since it affects everybody (and since different players have different opinions towards white items).

This response makes sense, but White items and Grey items still had a use in Diablo 2 in the form of Imbues, or Runewords, As of right now there is nothing we can do with these items that is useful.
Blizzard still afraid to fix bugs. Nothing will change!

Lets keep what is broken in order to not upset the credit card wielding types who love playing with a few 100k worth of inflated DPS. Thus completely destroying any kind of build diversity and making it unfair for newer players that join while having MP scale like crap just to compensate for the inflated damage.

TLDR: We're still discussing everything and can't provide solid answers to any of your questions at this time.

This. Just like every other set of answers we get
Doesn't look very promising when all I see are discussing, on the table, not off the chart, and etc...

On a second thought, this is what we wanted in the first place right? I mean we complained about blizzard not talking about their plans. Now that they are, we shifted our complaints to "less talk, more actiion."

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