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two games fit the bill

Ultimate Alliance and Ultimate Alliance II
I will be playing Marvel heroes beta in less than 48 hours! I cant wait for this game. I gotta figure out how to offload all of my hardcore liquid assets so I can buy a couple of those $200 founders packs :)
I like it ..its pretty good. I'm not sure how i feel about seeing multiple versions of myself running around yet. I suppose its the same with diablo but, im just not exposed to 50+ barbs at one time lol
I played that game A LOT at weekend and i must say i LOVE it! there are some bugs but its still beta, graphics are really nice skills are really nice, store is really nice, can't wait at launch :)
Is there some story in MH? Or mostly just "Bad guy doing bad things = Go fight him?"
I played the beta a couple weeks ago, and I honestly didn't like it too much. But after I played it this weekend I don't know what happened i got engrossed into the game and I enjoyed it alot... I guess I started giving it a try :P lol and well it was entertaining; could also be that I love marvel super heroes. I even went out and got me a founder pack :P I personally would suggest giving it an Honest try once it releases. c:
04/15/2013 10:05 PMPosted by Battledude
Is there some story in MH? Or mostly just "Bad guy doing bad things = Go fight him?"

Pretty much the latter. Essentially it's a chain of "bag guys".

It's an alright game imo and so far I've only played Scarlet Witch and though I like her in pvm, she's quite bad in pvp.

PvP has it's issues in MH but it's better then D3 dueling for sure.
Ty DeMasked. That's pretty cool it has pvp. I was looking at Scarlet Witch too since there's no Magik.

I watched some of their studios stream replay of the other weekend. The game looked a little bit dated( at least compared to the OMG factor of DC's Injustice: GAU) but maybe it was the streams production. And the devs are all old men? Kind of makes me wonder if they can pump out content and fixes at a decent rate. Blizzard can't do it and they draw on a global talent pool. PoE mamages to do it, but they're all young and in their prime. Also, the Marvel license, have they said how long they hold it? Marvel and its parent are big companies, they could pull the license at any time on a whim? I wouldn't spend a dollar on bonus chars or costumes until I know how long I'll have access to that content.

But I'm hoping it'll be a success and it'll last for years. And that D3 improves to. There's enough money for everybody who does a good job.

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