When did I become Nephalem?

Lore and Story
At what point in Diablo 3 did my character become Nephalem?

This is still unclear to me.
You don't become Nephalem later in life. You were born one.
You were essentially, as Ketchup said, born one. As you/your character got older, your power became stronger and more evident to those who were sensitve enough to realize what you truely were.
What? I'm pretty sure it was the shattering of the worldstone that unlocked all those mighty abilities. In essence, I believe anyone could be nephalem, under the right circumstances... Wasn't it Uldyssian that, under Lilya's (sp?) influence, could awaken the latent nephalem powers on simple humans?
You've been a nephalem since before D1... haven't we? I read the Sin War trilogy but it's been a while and my memory isn't what it used to be in my old age.

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