Fastest leveling route for wiz?

Hey guys im trying to get to plvl100 as soon as possiblem whats the fastest route and skillset needed to perform the route at the most efficiency, thanks in advance!!
I usually just do full keeps clear (lvls1-3 and finish with ghom) on mp 10

Couple different options out there like the usual Alk run

New patch will prolly mix up routes with the new mob density patch.
what build do you run? and xp/hr?
Areat Crater level 2, then keeps lvl 2, then remake the game.

This route is so broken fast that they are nerfing it and buffing literally all other areas of the game in the next patch.

The more AC2 runs you do before the patch, the more xp you will get.
Crater 2-> Rakkis Crossing just before broader area starts-> Keeps lvl2
On mp1 I get like 75+ mil per hour with archon wizard
Yeah AC 2 for Scorpions. However it will be nerfed next patch. You may be interested in this though

^ inb4nerf
Before patch, AC 2 over and over and over again. At the highest MP level you can manage. Unless you die of boredom ^^
crypt of the ancients, mp10
Currently I prefer Act 3 high density areas (Depths 2, Arreat 2, Skycrown, Rakkis). But everything is going to change in a week or two when the new patch goes live. I will need to figure out the new optimal leveling route. Act 1 and 2 look promising.
seems like weeping hollow will be the place for exp run

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