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last few months diablo 3 has been unplayable, evenings after around 4pm and weekends. my ping is very unstable at these times. every time i hit a pack my ping goes above 1000. weekdays, mornings my ping is fine. when diablo 3 first came out and following months i had no problems with latency. i think this is very unacceptable. why cant diablo 3 latency be what it was in the beginning? what has changed. :(
SEA-ME-WE3 cable has been broken again, repairs have delayed by an enormous amount because the Indonesian government is retarded. Also apparently it's broken in other places, don't know about that though.

Honestly they should just not care about Indonesia if they take longer than a few weeks.

This seems to be a local congestion problem from your exchange around 4pm onwards and weekends, not a blizzard issue , consult your ISP and wait for telstra (includes ISP access seekers with with telstra) to upgrade more ports in your area to ease congestion until then you are eligible for a credit on your internet bill i believe if you are affected by congestion in your local area.
Yesterday was the worst, usually get 230-350 ms ping. But yesterday was going from 350-2500 ms ping!!!

Almost unplayable in mp10 uber runs.
something to do with telstra and iinet i think last night i was having problems and couldnt even log into international websites. I then decided to try to connect to my phone for internet and i could log into d3 fine after that. My friend ended up telling me that there is something up with iinet and telstra lol
Mine has been hanging around the 500-600s but my internet has been really weird lately, during any time of gaming it would lag and run slow but during general internet browsing and watching youtube it's fine.
Experiencing this lag too tonight 9:30pm here in QLD, Australia, my latency bar is more in the red than green or orange. Only diablo is affected by this lag, rest of internet is working fine.

From my experience with other online mmo games when there is big lag spikes, is caused by hackers flooding the server with information on purpose to cause lag, so they can attempt to dupe items. Not saying that this is so. But i did read somewhere on the forum, someone found duped rare (yellow) items in the AH, all have the same name and stats. Could of been a bug, but also could of been a dupe. If i was blizzard i would close down AH to investigate this possible dupe. But would they, since they make money from every sale in the AH.
Funny how a month ago lag wasn't nearly this crappy. Every now and then I would spike up, no big deal. Avrg. connection was like 68mbps. I took a 30 day break from your game and came back. Now on a local connection coming out of Texas over 10mbps (same connection), I'm avrg. 200-300mbps on the spike and 98 up from 68 on the avrg with constant spike! This is unacceptable.
07/06/2013 12:51 PMPosted by Blizzardwon
I'm avrg. 200-300mbps on the spike and 98 up from 68 on the avrg with constant spike! This is unacceptable

Not sure if you from Australia but I would be very happy with 200-300ms pings if that's how I read this.

As for your connection most Australians would kill for speed like that.

Please elaborate if I misunderstood your post.


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