Battlenet Down?

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When I try to log in I get an error message saying battlenet is down, but I don't see a lot of posts about it...Is anyone else affected?
Yes, cant log in. Frustrating
It looks like maintenance is still being performed in the SEA region which is likely affecting your ability to login right now. It's scheduled to run until approximately 8 PM Pacific time
Ok cool. Thx for the post!
jeez... up time has been so terrible... good thing maintenance from other regions affect north america huh?
Sinix ,

It's affecting users having SEA regional accounts.
I wonder if the upcoming maintenance for NA would affect us in SEA coz having to sit through 2 maintenance periods sucks.

It's affecting users having SEA regional accounts.

Then why weren't we told about it?!!! I was playing my hardcore Barb one in Festering Woods (inferno), and bam ...

There is a temporary outage of the service. Please try again later. (Error 73)

I dare say I'd be mighty angry at Blizzard if I'm dead! Even if I'm not!!
(and cut the PR crap ... maintenance does not happen out of the blue without warning ... does it!?)
@ Omrakos

This is clearly not maintenance. C'mon guys, man up, trust us with some real information, and give us a realistic estimate on how long the game will be unavailable to SEA customers!!?

This issue has already killed a bunch of hardcore players, and we've got downtime to deal with later on as is ... so please tell us all what is really going on!

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