Best Monk PvP Items

So I am getting bored of farming act 3 and want to focus more on PvP. I was hoping to get some advice on what items are the best for PvP.

Nats Boots+Ring?

Blackthornes Boots+Chest+Pants?

Innas Chest+Pants+Helm?

Litany Ring?


Should I try to stack some Spirit Regen? LoH or LPSS? or stack Armor/Res? or instead just go all out Dmg and HP?

What items would you buy to make the BEST PvP Monk possible?
(400m or so per item)
troll :)
get the sledge fist andu will stun em forever
from my experience spirit regen is huge haven't seen anyone that can take a bell or two..pvp seems to be a game of tricks and luck as to who gets the first hit

but if you want any chance of staying alive you'll need spirit regen and tons of health

i played with lvl 6 para monk with a skorn tossing 160k waves and 40k per sss hit

only thing i can say is dh and wd can be tough b/c of all the utility they posses so getting a clean hit becomes to only real trick to pvp imo

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