Name the number 1 reason you bought Diablo 3

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d1 d2+ LOD
i played diablo when i was in high school.

played diablo 2 in university.

i enjoyed them very much.

now i'm a father of 2, haven't play anymore pc games, but i play diablo 3 because of nostalgic reason.
I was naive/foolish enough to think that D3 will be at least as good as D1/D2.

I had to force myself to play this game after 20 hours of it.
In fact, i think i'm really stupid, playing a game i don't like.

I guess i hoped it would grow on me, it didnt. The more i played the more i hated it.

I actually re-installed D2 a week ago and rolled a Zeal Paladin, just for poops and giggles.
#1 Reason:: Was Looking for a similar gaming experience as I had playing Diablo2 (and Lord of Destruction) since it came out and personally my opinion I feel as they have dropped the ball in a few areas, for example.

Building your character

Open World 2.0



Story line (Cant wait for expansion)

but.. they are trying to add to our d3 experience and I cant fault them as much as if they didn't try... atleast they are trying to make diablo3 reach its full potentiall!

Lets roll~!~Rah Bash Rah~!~Ahr!!

To view all kinds of errors, i haven't seen so many before in my whole life, in SC, SC2, WarCraft 3, etc.
Because I never got to play d2 that much.
To score hot chicks what else?
Because I am an IDIOT
I'm actually one of the ones that liked the changes from Diablo 2. If I wanted Diablo 2 with skill trees and necros or paladins, I'd play Diablo 2... it came with my collector's edition anyway.

These days I'm not keen on spending oodles amount of time leveling different builds of the same class... I like the fact that I can just level one class up and change the skills when I go for a different build. I do think Bliz needs to increase stash space to account for the fact that because many builds are gear dependent, we need more space to run different builds for a single character. But at least I don't need to start a new character and do it all over again.

Of course, that doesn't mean I'm not keen on a new class or two.
i did the search pc game rankings it was #1 then
04/08/2013 03:44 PMPosted by padako
I bought it to get laid more often.

padako for president! :D :D :D

Anyway on topic: I bought it because I had started D2 about 2-3 years before D3 was released and got hooked. Sadly it has nothing to do with the previous games...
04/10/2013 03:16 AMPosted by Cyber
Because I am an IDIOT

IDK but I feel this way too.
Uber reporting in. Glad my original thread made waves, hopefully team Diablo figures out why.
boredom. Although at this current point in time busy posting on forums cause the ah is down with 0 communication from the devs as to why, when it might possibly be fixed etc..

Bought it to cure boredom, and at this current time i'm bored as a result of it.
Knowing Diablo2/LoD was such an amazing game I could hardly imagine how much better Diablo 3 would be and how many hours I would spend playing....

Only to be disappointed that Diablo 2 is the flagship out of the Diablo series.
I needed a good game for my loot farming need and, trusting Blizzard, D3 was an obvious choice.

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