Name the number 1 reason you bought Diablo 3

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I am still disappointed about how it was handled of course. I think the general consensus is; good game, not worthy of Diablo name.
Diablo 2

I love it when we all say D2, knowing that Blizz South do not like it.
Diablo 1 and 2 ..

I was expecting those games with "more" .. just like how Titan Quest, Torchlight, Hellgate London and Borderlands took the ARPG formula in D2 and added more features, I expected D3 to be this awesome non-linear experience .. some MMO social aspects (I mean this is the maker of WoW) .. and maybe even some custom game ability ... ala

Instead we got an auction house that most of the players didn't want. Less gems .. a way too random, simplified item system and a console-like linear story "quest" system with no rewards.
Because I knew I would have lots of fun with it.
In hope that the awsome Necro will return in expasnion
be coz of D2 and D2 lod, the D3 team has nth to do but ruin the diablo series reputation
D2. Easily the best answer. Like thread starter, this should be a sequel. Not a new direction.
Anything that is good from d2 isnt in d3.
To inevitably hope it turns into a mmo style open world where I can hunt most of the forum posters. Even with my crap gear, somehow think i'll pull ahead more than not.
To play the game with my friends. We didn't want to grind for gear or anything, just play through once. Most of my friends stopped playing not too long after that. We did play D2 together through once (I got the game years after it came out) but none of us are really the sort to keep playing for better items. I like leveling up the characters and then I tend to get bored, although that would be true of any game for me.
Originally I was only going to buy it because of D1 and D2/LoD. Then I saw early game footage, that 20 min video of Jay Wilson talking over it. Then I was like '!@#$ yea. This is a diablo game.'

Then they changed absolutely everything in that preview and we all got tricked into buying what we now have.

So yea. D2 made me buy it, but that fake out promo video really sold me into thinking I would be playing this game for years to come.

Thats exactly what i did. I saw the footage for the game in 2008, got all excited. Then forgot about the game for a few years. Then one day i seen a commercial for it and i was like, "It's Almost out! Hell Yeah!" To bad that excitement was short lived. I bought it on the sole bases that it was a sequel to Diablo 2 and the 2008 footage.
I bought Diablo 3 because Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 each kept me occupied for over 10,000hrs a piece. I can barely bring myself to play Diablo 3 for 500hours without getting bored to tears and playing something else.

I've said it before and I'll say it again... Diablo 3 can't really be credited as a sequel, it's more of a parody of the previous titles.
I expected Blizzard still can make awesome games like D1 and D2. I was wrong.
#1 Reason: the franchise had a solid history of greatness. It was seemingly a sure bet.

-While fun in it's own right, doesn't quite do it for me. Then again, I'm older than in my D1 and D2 days, so I have to take that into account.

I could say the exact same about a few other games, including Dragon Age 1 & 2.
Because I like the aRPG genre, I like Blizzard games (I've purchased and extensively played every game they've put all the way back to Orcs vs Humans) and can't say I've ever been really let down. Of course I loved D1 and D2 as well.

For me personally, and I'm not saying everyone should feel the same, D3 has not been a let down. I do recognize that it has gone backwards in some ways (itemization, lack of free play between acts, lack of ID all) and I think its more than fair to question why these things are taking almost a year to be fixed in D3 when they were already fixed or already present in D2 (didn't learn from mistakes, bad job identifying what worked well?). At the same time, I also recognize a lot of improvements from the previous titles, mostly related to combat (potion mechanics, fluidity, more interesting elites).

Similarly I think it does some things better than the competitors (PoE, TL2, etc), and does some things worse than the competitors. I get why some people might prefer the other games, but for me D3 is the best aRPG on the market.

D3 is far from a perfect game, but it did meet my expectations and I feel like I've gotten well more than my money's worth, and I'm still playing it.
*thought* it was one of the best game franchises.
I played Diablo 2: LoD & loved it.

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