Some nice int stuff

Hola, am doing some stash clearance and popped the gears I'm letting go on DP.

Have a great weekend!

Nice stuff!. kinda want your tal rasha. but completely out of my budget at this point.
Excellent stuff. I love that tal rasha! Can't afford though.

Upz for fellow SG wizard.
Thanks guys ^^ I usually wouldn't be selling stuff as I like messing around with gear but I've got an eye on something (not sure I can get it but you just have to prepare anyhow) and want to raise some funds.
Lemme know when that LoH Pox and Zuni Trail go on the market. :D
04/12/2013 06:33 AMPosted by Junger
Lemme know when that LoH Pox

me too.
its MAI loh pox. shhoo off yoda and junger
me 4
Lol proc items. Sounds like fun brawling items for when PvP is more... um, legit.
wish i have some of those gears too!
lol kk I'll be sure to post a big fat thread if I sell the pox and boots. Had to do some clarification at the WD forum, they didn't like the prices.

I know I'm starting high but hey, perhaps someone will bite and if they don't I'll just have to reduce prices or keep them ^^

Nice to see it doesn't shock the wiz community as much. But that just means we're overpaying lol.
04/12/2013 08:58 AMPosted by Charlatan
lol kk I'll be sure to post a big fat thread if I sell the pox

just pox for me and well, you have the best of the best esp tal rasha chest. However, I also like to hoard so I thought about it was just thought...
Don't... resist it... hoarding is expensive and bad for you. I've slowly whittled down to items I really like and justified it on the basis of trying a dagger build.

I still have 3 inna pants...
04/12/2013 09:04 AMPosted by Charlatan
I still have 3 inna pants...

I might need one for my archon build. hook me up on this wknd when you are on!
lol not selling other 2 until I figured out dagger set-up. Armor Innas I may sell but I don't think you need that on an archon ^^
Here's a buyer for your WH.

Finders fee 10%???????
I want your BT Cross
Thanks Junger, I'll add him and see. If I sell, I'll come looking for you ^^
I think your zero key is broken. Everything has an extra 0,
^^ Yes I like it broken.

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