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Would you like to know the true origins of your order Templar?

Inarius rebelled from Tyrael and the Angels, created Sanctuary, and proved to be a key provision for subsequent corruption of the Zakarum after the Sin War. During the Sin War, the Zakarum were canonized against the Prime Evils, yet were an armature of a far more nefarious machination. Akarat, previsionary founder of the Zakarum, was not aware that Yaerius' apparition was a manifestation catalyzed by Uldyssian's death and the end of the Sin War, as Cain had written. Ask Itherael about the ends, the means, and prophecy, Stranger. Yaerius' archenemies Kabraxis succeeds against the Zakarum during the Sin War, seemingly with ease, as if in ploy with Kabraxis' opposing priesthood founded by Kreghn, and no one notices?

The Paladin order seceding the Zakarum, over time, become the Templar order.

Who catalyzed the Templar, if not Kabraxis? Shadowy eclipse?
What happened to Inarius, if not Tyrael? Twisted fate?
When do Kabraxis and Trag'Oul speak to Nephalem or Angels?
Why are Rathma and the brother of Uldyssian, Mendeln, trained by Trag'Oul?
How did Inarius secede, if not Kabraxis? Dreams?

During the Sin War, Uldyssian, one of the most powerful Nephelem ever to have lived, seemingly loses his powers to Lilith then later regains and awakens within others latent powers - but of what power do these Nephelem achieve? Clearly that power was against both the Triune (Diablo, Mephisto, Baal) and the Cathedral of Light (Inarius), yet if it were Trag'Oul, would it not have been as apparent as Trag'Oul had been with Rathma and Mendeln? Still, Uldyssian was able to outsmart Inarius during their confrontation and also changed the Worldstone itself, severing Inarius from it; destroying him, and ending the Sin War. Cain says Trag'Oul reportedly aided Uldyssian, and so vicariously it is so through Mendeln. Afterwards, all the Angels except Auriel desired for mankind to start at its beginning, but what did Mendeln remember and do after the Sin War, after the Edyrem forgot? Why did Trag'Oul maintain influence with him as Kalan?

Many, many, years pass.

There is a stray sailor's oar to be found in Wortham ad referum de Derrick Lang, Stormfury, and Kabraxis. It was a sage demon hunter, Taramis Volken, who knew of the power of Stormfury as the only known weapon capable of killing Kabraxis, the guardian of the Twisted Path of Dreams and Shadows. The Way of Dreams as a spreading religious sect.

Eirena was handed a document by a dying angel whom she believed to have perhaps been the Prophet, though it is uncertain whether it was, and whether or not the Prophet was one or many is unclear; clearly Itherael is not the only angel with script related power, and with the Worldstone shattered, and the prophecy concerting Fate tending likewise, Eirena's only hope is to not lose the hope that she has.

Kabraxis is Banisher of the Light and Thief of Hope ad referum de Sin War finale & vision.

As to sailor, sea traders such as Meshif provide ample connections concerting splintered oars. Black Rock ledger 15 ad referum de Derrick Lang, who may have captained the Black Rock.

Kabraxis manipulating or controlling the Angiris Council itself, possessing Imperious, blackmailing Auriel for association with Ransim and Jere Harash, twisting Tyrael's arm, and involving himself towards Itherael's death are currently questionable visionary lore with me. As is involvement of Demon Hunter tradition with the teachings of Kabraxis. Shadow Self. Stormfury was a two-handed, double-edged sword; as is the Blade of Prophecy. Not even Skatsimi magic wards from Lam Esen's Tome may stop such a quest. Imperious. A name spoken drawn in like so many snakes hissing. The way is clear.

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