"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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I hit Paragon 70. Yay new portrait! Then I had a run of like 25 COTA runs with nothing to show for it, not even a brimstone! Yay RNG! Im sure it will balance out later.
I made 86! :)
Tried to find gloves the same as mine but with arcane res (way cheaper than all res) and an arcane witching hour with arcane and vit 150, failed in both but it will happen.
05/17/2013 06:19 AMPosted by oldman54
Tried to find gloves the same as mine but with arcane res (way cheaper than all res) and an arcane witching hour with arcane and vit 150, failed in both but it will happen.

Nobody can beat you down, Sir. You have very good glove and your dps is horrible now.
just ding P94 and sniped my MH for 50m, not sure it's a good deal but it was the cheapest i can get and gave me 4k+ dps .
Today, I broke a few of my rules and gave my HC Monk a makeover. Traded in defense for offense. Bought a new Vile Ward with no Vit and a lowish resist roll. Got tired of waiting to find those perfect Inna's Pants and bought some 8% IAS ones. Covered most, but not all of my defense losses with a pair of Ice Climbers I bought a while ago, but couldn't stand to wear because they had no move speed.

I'm largely broke now. Once I gain a few more paragon levels and a find few more amethysts, I think I might start my solo full MP-5 clear. I feel like I'm topping out where I'm going to realistically get this Monk. I may have to flush some more gold and time down the HC Wizard toilet.
I picked up some new gloves Friday for a DPS increase. My vit took a hit in the process and I lost 26k EHP. To compensate for the loss I took the proceeds from my old self-found Unity sale and started crafting chests. After crafting approximately 200 of them, I ended up with a replacement for my Inna's chest. I gained 54k EHP and 1.8k DPS with it. The gain compensated not only for the EHP loss from my new gloves but also the lost melee damage reduction from my Inna's chest.

The Inna's chest will remain in my stash in case I get ahold of a nice crit Mempo some day. : )

I nearly forgot: the old gloves sold for nearly 3x what I paid for them.
Won my wh belt on bid. Crafted bracers and amulet.
Gained 30000 more dps :D new unity, temperance and nats ring
hit paragon 100....
hit paragon 78 :)
Got a new spear yesterday and upgraded all my gems, including my first Marquise !
in the last few days
got new MH - Sun Keeper that adds 9% elite and 40% MF
upgraded gems - crafted my first 100% emerald =D
got a 74 AR inna pants that can probably be use for all of my chars lol
35 mil / 5 chars = 7 mil per char real cost ftw! .. or at least 17.5 mil each between my monk and DH

now I'm poor again at 1 mil .. but happy = )
Nothing. I played Minecraft for a bit instead! Back to paragon grinding tomorrow.
Found a decent IK chest with STR and VIT rolls in the high 170s each (884 total armour, 72 AR). within the hour of playing last night from a D3 break

I gave it away :) Was worth around 100m
finally ditched nat's combo for my TR build, and switched to ice climbers!

gotta love them boots.
Bought a new ring which dropped my DPS by about 3k, but improved by EHP by 50k.

I think it's pretty worth it :)
Still trying hard to bust the 200k mark though...being at 190k+ is always so painful...so near yet so far!
Broke into MP10 proper today.

First time I've been able to say I can kill MP10 without frequent dying and killing elites in a reasonable time frame.

148k DPS unbuffed, using Quickening/Bells.
535k EHP.

Well, MP9 is probably still better for faster kills, but thats not the point. I'll only get stronger from here. Heck, even if I only ever upgrade my gems I can get a big increase.
Ding paragon 100, now on to the barb :)

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