"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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Here to report another 50 ammys although I crafted a 900 dps upgrade on my tr monk it is still a fail because of no ehp dam you

its ok 900 brims to go :)
I got him an AR Innas chest, still trying to figure out where to go from where i am now
Finally got a Shadow Breaker! paid my Cunning Menace + 2.5B for it! nice deal IMO. Also got a LS WKL quite cheap yesterday!

Good days ahead!
about that wkl what do you consider cheap??

btw grats so jelly
about that wkl what do you consider cheap??

btw grats so jelly

Got it for 1B, sure able to flip it for at least double before itemization hits.
nice I want one but yea 100% you can flip it
Hit 98 and 99 yesterday, 100 today :D
my monk went to market, brought alot of meats...
He put some clothes on, after spending three months away at a nudist monastery.
still on my journey crafting my perfect ammy another 50 down :(

why must you hate me rng this is getting old

trolling general forums b/c announced future barb nerfs.
My monk transformed into the Hulk and smashed the Hood and the Hand and then ate some coooOOOOOkkkkIIiiiiiiieeeEEEeeeeSSSSSSSSs
My Monk played Dissidia, realized that I had in fact already beaten the game, which means the ending was so crappy (and the final "boss" so easy) that I didn't even realize it was the end. So she thwapped me over the head with my PSP, broke it, and now I had to get a new one. Realized things aren't made like they used to be, the 3000s feel so cheap and shoddy compared to the good ol' 1001. Hoping I can get the 1001 repaired :\

To sum it up: I haven't been playing D3 for a while now and every time I come back for a run I get bored. Waiting for new content, so I'll probably start playing again in 10 yrs or so... :P
gained 2 pl and got a few crappy drops, started thinking about a non tr build to start buying out stuff for while tring.
yet another 50 ammys down starting to lose hope

back to farming more I guess :(

edit make that 50 more lol lol lol please blizzard whats did I do wrong
took him for a walk in act 2.
-got 96 pLVL
-bought new skorn with LS
-upgrade my emeralds
-sell my LS EF
-crafted 100 ammy and 100 bracers
-got 191k dps with wkl (w/o CD on it, goal 200k)
-make some cota runs
-tried new build for scorpion run TR/EP/WoL on mp8 and its insane
Ran some vota for essences then vota-kw for essences/keys.

Then overcame my p100 shock by rolling an ARCHON boom
sorry to keep posting the same crap but another 100ammys no luck
So my monk finally hit 60! It's like I'm a noob all over again!

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