"What did you do to your monk today?" part 2

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Decided to go back to skorn and WoL build. Love seeing those high number crits again.
Didn't do much today ~_~

Kind of bored. I'm trying to drop my AR down to like 200'ish without lowering my DPS. I think that could be pretty fun. Unfortunately with the BoA gear it's difficult to drop AR without my DPS going to sh!t as well.
Craft! Craft! Craft!

Disappointment! Disappointment! Disappointment!
>_< >_< =.=
bought my dude the decent sickle as a gift for his troubles... :)

edit: proly not decent.. but a little push to 100k
Swapped out my Tals Armor for one with higher Vit.

However, now my Resists have dropped to mid 600's, and I can tell. Plague and other elemental hurt more. Not sure if I made the right move..... I like running 700+ AR.
Paragon level 56, trying some new specs now and then to break the monotony of TR.
Craft! Craft! Craft!

Disappointment! Disappointment! Disappointment!
>_< >_< =.=

yep in about 1000 ammys got my first tri check it out its on my wd so godly I mite not craft ever again
Craft! Craft! Craft!

Disappointment! Disappointment! Disappointment!
>_< >_< =.=

I feel your pain ... I don't think that my current amulet is that hard to beat but so far all my crafts are in the red =(
same here, over 600 ammy crafted and still no tri, but today i got the one i'm wearing boost my dps bout 10k. Spent bout 20m to get it so idk if it's even worth it :( . Had about 15m left .. zigzag with my gear a bit and got another 7k boost dps but lost 5k Hp. Overal i'm happy for the day lol only 2m left. On the bright side, i got the extra Mempo and WH to give to my wife after those upgrades :)
I picked up a new ring and a replacement to my self-found Witching Hour in the GAH. In doing so I swapped some crit dmg out for IAS and gained 84 phys res as well as a little vit. It was a lateral DPS move, but I gained 52k EHP. I'd call that a win!
Went almost halfway through PL 99 to 100 and did not get even a single Legendary for my troubles. The peak of today's misfortune was a MP 9 CotA run that I did with 4 NV stacks and only got 1 (one) rare item for clearing the whole crypt. It did not even drop from the elite pack, all I got from them were 3 blues and a health potion. That's RNG for you - can't live without it, but most of the time you certainly don't want to live with it, either.

Also crafted another 100 amulets. Nothing came even close to the one I'm wearing. Still, surprisingly large number of those 100 rolled LoH, which was completely absent from the previous amulets batch I did. When it rains, it pours. Sadly, this sort of precipitation never seems to coincide with other desirable occurrences like trifectas and suchlike.
I found 1bil skorn minimum check barb profile and yes it rolled bleed just bugged for some reason
Crazy Skorn baggins!!

I want to fully maximize my Shenlong LS build so if any monk out there has the following I am interested in picking up The following Fist of Legend and/or Relentless Assault

Fist of Legend
1000K+ Base DPS
2.9%+ LS
190+ Dex
95%+ CD

Relentless Assault
1100K+ Base DPS
2.9%+ LS
190+ Dex
any LOH

Hit me up if you have one or can direct me to one. I currently am testing with LS FoL on my profile.

Thank you in advance for any help.

Just hit 87 paragon, have to go to work. Hopefully will sell something by the time i get off work so i can craft moar ammies lol.
Hit lvl 40 3 bars left till 41 … my monk is now officially my main =D

Deleted Laurelynd by mistake but got 2 brims and a 1 mil wiz set source after that … hmm …
Crafted a bunch of amulets … still no luck

Slept for 5.5 hours to wake up for a bid on a sun keeper (+2 Kps against my axe with 6 leet%)
Got outbid … -_- …sigh no surprise, nothing new

Went and buy a cd/ls/os sword for 5 mil that’s currently on my wiz out of self pity …
1 k dps increase over my EF lol … really just as a backup weapon in case something happens to nirvana

PS: Laurelynd re-add plz =)
05/02/2013 09:11 AMPosted by QHTran
Deleted Laurelynd by mistake but got 2 brims and a 1 mil wiz set source after that … hmm …

Are you implying that my presence on your friends list is sort of a bad luck charm? That probably explains why so few people want to be friends with me. Well, that and maybe my attitude, to a certain extent. (%

Tell you what - I've re-added you, you can go ahead to delete me once more and repeat the experiment. If goodies keep dropping after each delete, then we've found the ultimate loot exploit in the game. Everyone else - feel free to add me, just remember that I shall be entitled to a cut from your profits. (%
05/02/2013 11:03 AMPosted by Laurelynd
Are you implying that my presence on your friends list is sort of a bad luck charm?

lol no ... <3 <3 <3 .... I just found it odd .. no need to repeat the experiment =P
was going to check out your WD then next thing I know you were gone >_< ..yeah it was late
Made my first marquise emeralds! They're SO SHINY!
So I ended up wanting to gamble and bought a fair amount of unid EFs for spits and giggles and I lucked out with my MH =)

Fairly high DPS, CD and OS with high EF which I will be using for sword and board when I pvp. Paired it up with a nice WKL borrowed from a pretty awesome friend and I am now a member of the EF/WKL gang at a decent 250K DPS.


...and yes I am still a Happy Shenlong Using Monk =)
Played for the first time in a week, been really busy lately. Got my EF and mempo today upping my dps by a whopping 45k. Down to 3% life steal, but its not really that noticeable unless im being lazy and standing in things I shouldn't be. Also saw my first 1 mil damage self buffed with a frenzy shrine :D

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