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Hi im a kiwi I was wondering how many New Zealanders play Diablo 3. Home and abroad.

1 here
35 pages of Ausies and us Kiwis declaring our location. All it takes is a count... Knock yourself out :)
Thanks I did but some have left. Im wanting to see who is still playing since the launch.
I still play.. sparingly lately though.
Auckland master race reporting in :p
wgtn, and half assed active
Wanganui/Palmerston North while I attend uni
Wellington master race reporting in
Auckland - I've been playing since about a week after launch. Surprisingly, still around fairly regularly.
Dunedin - still playin most days
played since launch over two accounts though... some how blizzard is keep banning / unbanning my first account every now and then whenever I travel around the world, so kind of gave that up and bought another account. luckily transferred all my findings and the wealth over to the new account.
abroad in Sao Paulo at the mo. hometown Auckland.
I'm Auckland based, and proud to be the top of server for WD as a Kiwi.
Whangarei......still play when i get the time
yup, im a kiwi ^_^

From Tauranga, but been in Auckland for the past 2 years.

add me DangerMouse#6294
04/20/2013 03:46 PMPosted by KCtheGreat
I'm Auckland based, and proud to be the top of server for WD as a Kiwi.

are you on GP as well by anychance?
Hard at work aye weegee? ^^
04/21/2013 06:01 PMPosted by mwahahadave
Hard at work aye weegee? ^^

same to you too?! touche?
Auckland here add me up lets get some kiwi groups going :)
Hawkes Bay,

Keen for some local players :D
Auckland. I play most days, but usually not for more than an hour or so.
I bet the latency in Aucks is really good, like playable good. I'm a the other end of NZ and my latency sucks. >.<

Anyone play on Asia? whats the latency like compared to US?

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